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Go to Nibelhiem. Enter the mansion to the north. You can look at the
letter to the far left to get some hints about the combination. Go up
both sets of stairs and go left. Go into the room on Cloud's right.
There is a safe here. Examine it and pick the top option. You now
have 20 seconds to input the safe combination. You must hit the
number exactly and input it with O. You can't go past the number by a
few digits then go back again input it as this won't work. The
combination is: 36, 10, 59, 97. If you put it in correctly, the safe
will open and you will be attacked...

-----Lost Number-----

Just attack with your best spells and summons - Choco/Mog works well
as it usually paralyses this boss. You need to be careful after you
inflict enough damage as the boss will shed of it's parts, leaving it
either red or purple. If it is red, magic won't hurt it as much, so
use physical attacks. In it's red form it will primarily use magic
attacks on you. If it is purple, physical attacks won't work as well,
so use magic attacks. In purple form it can deliver some nasty
physical attacks so keep your HP up.

When you have beaten the boss, pick up the red Summon Odin materia,
Red XIII's Level 4 Limit Break manual, Cosmo Memory, and the Key to
the Basement. Go to the left from the top of the stairs and through
the door in the corner of the lower room. Go down the spiral
staircase and go south to the second screen (before the library). You
can now open the door to the north. Examine the closed coffin and
talk to Vincent. Tell him about Sephiroth and name him. Keep talking
to him until he tells you to leave him alone. Attempt to leave up the
stairs and Vincent will come out and choose to join you.


Go to the area near Gongaga Town where the burned out structure in
the forest is. Don't enter this area with the reactor, stay on the
World Map. Go and fight in the forests near this area. (Or in the
forests near Junon). Eventually you will enter a fight with Yuffie.
She is very easy to beat, and when you have won, you will find
yourself on a field with Yuffie and your party. There is a Save Point
in the corner but don't use it as Yuffie will run off and nick some
of your money. Also don't go into the main menu. Talk to Yuffie and
answer in the following way:

'You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let's go one more time.'
- Not interested.

'You're pretty scared of me, huh!?'
- .....petrified.

'I'm really gonna leave! REALLY!'
- Wait a second.

'You want me to go with you?'
- That's right.

'All right! I'll go with you.'
- ......Let's hurry on.

You can name her, and you now have Yuffie on your team.


In Disc 2, breed a gold chocobo and go to the waterfall in the centre
of the western continent. I think you can get there with the
submarine as well. Ride the Chocobo to the west of the waterfall
where the grass is. Dismount and enter the waterfall. Go to the room
with the white stone. You must have Vincent in your team. He will
talk about Lucrecia. In Disc 3, return here(again with Vincent)and
you will receive Vincent's Ultimate Weapon, the Death Penalty, and
his Level 4 Limit Break Manual, Chaos.


You can do Yuffie's side quest as soon as you get the Tiny Bronco,
but can only do it in Disc 1 or 2. Go to the western-most continent
and if you are in the Tiny Bronco, go to the far south of the island,
and dismount on the beach. Head north and you will find a curving
path that takes you up to the high mountain. As you reach the top,
you will enter a plain and Yuffie will appear, and some Shinra guards
will attack you. They are easy to beat and when you have defeated
them, your party will realise that Yuffie has stolen all your
materia. If you try to board the vehicle you won't be able to as your
party (if you have Yuffie in your team, Barret will take her place)
will refuse to and want to go after Yuffie, so head north over the
bridges and through the valley until you reach Wutai.

When you enter, you will see Yuffie run away. Head to the top left
corner and go to the next screen. Head into the building to the
right. You can rest in the room here, then go along the hall until
you see a room with a man lying down inside. Go talk to him
continually until he stands up and Yuffie will arrive, you will find
out the man is Yuffie's father, Godo. If you follow Yuffie, she will
have disappeared, so go into the room next to the one with Godo in.
Examine the right wall and a secret passageway will appear. At the
end is a chest with a Hairpin in.

Go into the bar on the first screen and you'll see the Turks, Reno,
Rude and Elena. Talk to them and then go to the Item Shop. There is a
chest that is normally blocked to the right, but you can now open it
to get a MP Absorb materia. But just as you get it, Yuffie will drop
down and steal it off you. Now go into the house to the south east of
the town. There is a folding cover to the left. Examine it to find
Yuffie. She will run away again. Go to outside the bar. You will see
the pot outside moving. Examine it and the rest of your party will
block the exits. Hit O 3 times to hit the pot and make Yuffie jump
out. She will try and escape but will be stopped by your team. Seeing
he has no other choice, she leads you to her house to give you back
your materia.

You will see a scene where two Shinra guards will talk to the Turks
at the bar. After this ends, you will be in Yuffie's house. Follow
her downstairs and talk to her. Examine the levers at the back, it
doesn't matter which one you choose, a cage will fall on your other
party members, trapping them. After she leaves, examine the levers
again to free your friends.

Go back to where Godo was, but don't enter the building. There is an
arch to the left, go through it and examine the bell her to ring it.
This will reveal an entrance below. Go through it to see who has
taken Yuffie....Don Corneo. He will also have nabbed Elena. Get the
Swift Bolt and Elixer in the chests before going up the stairs. Three
Shinra soldiers will attack you, kill them and find that the Don has

Go outside and talk to Reno and Rude. Go to the north east part of
Wutai, where there are lots of paths in a mountain. Talk to the Turks
and take the path that goes to the north. Go past Rude and go south
to find the Don. He will summon a monster for you to fight...


As you probably don't have any materia you can only attack. It's a
good idea to use some of the attack items, like Swift Bolt etc to
inflict more damage, and use Hi-Potions etc to cure. You'll win a
Peace Ring.

Don Corneo will talk for a while and ask a question, answer however.
Reno and Rude will turn up and kill the Don. You will return to
Yuffie's house where she will give you your materia back, but she
will place it all wrong so re-equip it how you want.


There are 4 materia caves on the World Map and hold some of the best
materia in the game inside. Here are the locations and what's inside

CAVE 1: Far south of Wutai, right at the end of the island, hidden
behind a mountain, use a black or gold chocobo to get there. Go
inside and examine the glowing light to receive the Quadra Magic
materia. This casts a magic spell or summoning 4 times.

CAVE 2: North of Mideel, on long island nearby. Go inside and examine
the glowing light to receive the Mime materia. This mimes the
previous command in battle.

CAVE 3: Cave is next to the mountain lying on a square of brown land
in the North Corel area. Need a black or gold chocobo to get there.
Go inside and examine the glowing light to receive the HP<>MP materia
which switches your HP and MP values.

CAVE 4: Go to Goblin Island (its the elongated island with a forest
on it to the northwest of the Chocobo farm). Ride a gold chocobo
northwest from here. You will eventually come to an island that isn't
on the map. It is surrounded by mountains and trees. There is a
forest in the middle. Dismount in here and enter the cave. Examine
the glowing light to receive the best summon materia in the game -
the Knights of the Round.


Top Floor of a house in the Slum near Aeris' House
Ground Floor of the Shinra Building
Ghost Hotel in Gold Saucer
Hotel at Cosmo Canyon
Next to the Weapons Stand in Cosmo Canyon
In Yuffie's House in Wutai (where she drops a cage on you)

When you have them all go talk to the barman in Wutai. As a reward
you get a Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source,
Speed Source, Luck Source and a Megalixer.


The sleeping man will give you something when you have won a certain
number of battles. You can find him in a cave a little ways south and
east of Midgar. You'll need the Buggy, the Airship, or the Green,
Blue, Black, or Gold Chocobo to get to him. If you want to get to him
using the Buggy, drive it into Costa del Sol and you will have the
option of transporting it back to the continent where Midgar is.
Inside the cave is the sleeping man, of course. He'll usually tell
you how many wins you've gotten so far. - If your last two digits are
odd, he'll give you Mythril. - If your last two digits are even,
he'll give you an item (usually a Bolt Ring or Ice Ring). If you have
a piece of Mythril, you can take it to the blacksmith who lives in
the house on the peninsula near the Gold Saucer. He'll let you trade
the Mythril for a Gold Armlet (in the long wooden chest), or the
Great Gospel Manual (in the metal lid on the upper floor). You can
return to the sleeping man and get as many rings or pieces of Mythril
as you like.


On the top floor of the rightmost building in Kalm, there is a very
happy traveller. When Meteor is summoned, he says he will be leaving
on a journey. He needs a Guidebook, the Earth Harp, and the Desert
Rose. To get the Guidebook, you will have to go to the underwater
reactor, and morph a Ghost Ship. By doing this, you will receive
Underwater materia, which eliminates the 20 minute timer in the
Emerald WEAPON fight. To get the Earth Harp, you must fight, and
defeat the Emerald WEAPON (see WEAPON Strategies), and in return you
wil get Master Magic, Master Command, and Master Summon Materia. And
finally, you must fight and defeat the Ruby WEAPON (see WEAPON
Strategies), to get the Desert Rose, and to exchange it for a Gold

| 5.9 - Ancient Forest [ANF]|

Get here by either beating Ultima WEAPON in Disc 2 or 3, and getting
to the Ancient Forest by going behind the huge crater behind Cosmo
Canyon, or breeding a Gold Chocobo and riding to here before Ultima
WEAPON dies.

Here you need to pick up frogs etc and put them in bags to access
other areas in the forest. If you completely muck up press Square to
reset the whole area and you'll be placed right back at the beginning
to start again.

Right to begin with put the three frogs in the bags near the trees,
by going under the bridge and press O to make one frog jump in the
bag. Step on the full bag and press O again to make another frog
jump in the next bag. Get onto the second bag, and deposit the last
frog in the third bag. Jump to the other side. Go near the pink
plant. Walk slowly on it, and don't get to the centre as if you do
it will snap shut and you'll lose HP. When you get near the item
bag, press O to pick it and get a Supershot ST. Get off the plant
and go right. Use the pink vine thing to get to the other side and
collect the Spring Gun Clip past the tree. Go right to the next
screen, and pick up one of those lovely frogs again. Go near the
vine and go to the ledge by using the top option. Put the frog in
the bag and jump across that and the second bag. Once on the ground
get another frog and go to the top of the green ledge and let the
frog jump into the bag on the left. Wait until the frog escapes and
you'll be put on the ledge above. Get the wasp nest and jump down.
Go near one of those annoying snapping plants again and release the
nest near it. Hopefully the plant will snap it. Get the Slash All
materia and take the big frog. Go back to the green ledge and put
the frog in the right bag. Wait till this one escapes to be placed
on the other side of the pink plant. Go to the right to the next

In this screen place two frogs in the bags to get across with the
vine. Treetop time: head left and down to get the Minerva Band. Go
up and right, across the branch using the vines. Head south to get
the Typhoon summon and proceed across the vines, taking the lower
branch when back on the branch. Get a frog when back on the ground.
Underneath the two bags in the right is a ledge. Throw the frog into
a bag from here. Get on the full bag and go to the ledge with the
wasps nest on. Pick up the nest and do the same thing with the
snapping plant as before. Get a small frog and go past the plant.
Let go of the frog once on the left ledge. Go across using the bag
and jump down to the ground. Head left and pick up a frog. Place it
in the tree hollow, causing a big frog to hop out. Take this big
frog and put it in the bag that you used to get here. Jump across to
the ledge and wait for it to escape, before picking it up again.
Release it in the far right bag, and use the momentum when it escapes
to get to the cave entrance. Go inside and open the chest on the
right to get the Apocalypse sword (useful when fighting Ruby and
Emerald WEAPON's). Go north and east to pick up an Elixir. Exit the
forest on the left; you'll be back on the World Map.