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---------------------------7.1 Cloud---------------------------------

Fight and defeat Ultima Weapon. In Disc 2, after you defeat Diamond
WEAPON, Ultima WEAPON will be hovering over the lake by Junon Town.
Save and rest in the Highwind, then fly into it. You will have to
fight it from the deck of the Highwind. He's pretty east to beat so
just use Summon's and good magic and when you inflict enough damage,
he will fly out of the battle. When the view returns to the World
Map, be sure to see what direction he flies off in. You need to
follow him, and ram him a few times. Eventually he will fly off to a
new location. Follow him, and when he stops, rest and save again. The
fly into him and fight again. Continue this, saving before each fight
because if you don't see where he flew off to, you can reset and
fight again, and hopefully take more notice! He usually settles over
the main locations, such as Midgar, The Northern Cave and Nibelhiem.
Eventually he will stop over Cosmo Canyon. This will be the final
fight and might be harder than the rest. After he dies, there will be
a huge crater behind Cosmo Canyon, allowing you to get to the Ancient
Forest behind. You'll then get the Ultima Weapon for Cloud. This
weapon seems to do more damage if Cloud has more health.

-----------------------7.2 Barret-------------------------------

Before fighting Hojo and after defeating Proud Clod, go up the stairs
to the second landing. There will be a green chest here only if you
have Barret in your team. You'll get the Missing Score; this weapon
will do more damage if the materia equipped to it has lots of AP.

-----------------------7.3 Tifa---------------------------------

After Cloud rejoins the team in Disc 2, go back to Midgar and a man
will be standing outside the town, talk to him to learn about a
missing key. Go to Bone Village on the northern continent and choose
to excavate "good treasure" then place diggers if you like (but it's
not necessary) and have them dig near a small piece of metal sticking
out of the wrecked plane near the entrance (it's across from the
blocked door where the man is standing). In the morning, check the
treasure chest, and you should get the Key to Sector 5. With the key
in your possession, return to Midgar. Once inside go to Wall Market,
you can get Tifa's best weapon, the Premium Heart, from the item shop
with the machine that shot at you earlier. I think you need to go
here with Cloud, Tifa and Cid. This weapon will do more damage if
Tifa's Limit Break bar is filled up. Use you Limit Break but miss on
one of the wheels. The Premiuim Heart should now power up.

-------------------------7.4 Red XIII--------------------------------

On Disc 3 go back to Cosmo Canyon. Go to the second floor of the
observertory. You will need to have Red XIII in your team. Red and
Bugen Hagen will talk for a while, then Bugen Hagen will give Red his
Ultimate Weapon, the Limited Moon. He will then die. Red will rejoin
the party at the bonfire. You may also want to pick up the Full Cure
materia, Elixer and Magic Source from the Item Shop (go down the
passage to the right that was previously blocked by a red rope).

------------------------------7.5 Cid--------------------------------

In Rocket Town, in Disc 3, repeatedly talk to the old guy looking at
the rocket. Eventually he'll give you Cid's Ultimate Weapon, the
Venus Gospel.

-----------------------------7.6 Aeris-------------------------------

In the Temple of the Ancients, when you reach the area with the
clock, go down passage IV and in the chest is Aeris's Ultimate
Weapon, the Princess Guard.

---------------------------7.7 Cait Sith-----------------------------

Go to the Shinra building in Disc 2 and search the lockers on the
64th floor. You can now take the megaphone there which is the HP
Shout. The more HP remaining, the stronger it is.

-----------------------------7.8 Vincent-----------------------------

See Side Quests, Vincent's Waterfall.

------------------------------7.9 Yuffie-----------------------------

Use the submarine to go to the wreck of the Shinra plane underwater.
To get there go to Junon and head west until you reach a penisula. Go
around it and head south until you reach the land. There'll be a dock
nearby and you should be able to see the Gold Saucer. Submerge and
you should see a wrecked plane on the seabed. Touch it to enter. Go
into the room to the north on the first screen. In the upper left
corner of the room with the chests in on the lower level, hidden by a
pipe is a chest. Inside will be the Conformer, Yuffie's Ultimate
Weapon. I think this weapon is more powerful if Yuffie is fighting an
enemy with a higher level than her.