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-------------1.1 - FORGOTTEN CITY/CORRAL VALLEY CAVE [CVC]-----------

You'll start off outside the first shell house, so go down and right.  
You'll see a ghost of Sephiroth heading north east.  Follow him.  You 
might want to rest in the beds in the second shell house before 
leaving.  You'll come to a set of spiky stairs.  Ignore them and go 
behind it and up the rocks to the right to get to a chest with a 
Viper Halberd in.  Go back to the spiky thing and go up it.  Go into 
the black area and spiral around the object and back again when you 
get to the top.  Go left into the Corral Valley Cave.

Walk to the left and go towards the second split in the wall.  Climb 
upwards and choose to go left.  Walk to the left and climb up the 
next split.  Choose to go left again and up.  Keep going up to pick 
up the Bolt Armlet in the chest.  Jump back into the split and go 
down, choose to go right.  Run to the next split and go up then right 
to get the Megalixer in the chest.  Go into the split and go down.  
Jump right, then go back to the split and go down.  Eventually you'll 
jump down and get the HypnoCrown in the chest.  Jump back in and go 
up.  Jump to the right, go back into it and go up.  Jump left, jump 
out, go left and into the split again.  Go up and jump off.  Go to 
the ladder and go down.  At the bottom pick up the Magic Plus 
materia.  Walk towards the ladder and Cloud will climb it again.  
When he jumps off, walk towards it again and choose to go up.  When 
you jump off, go right and through the opening.  Pick up the Power 
Source in the chest, and go north.  You'll be back on the World Map.  
Go left from the cave until you reach the coast.  If facing the 
water, go right.  You'll see some Chocobo tracks in the snow if 
you're going the right way.  Now go right and you'll eventually see a 
village.  Save before you enter.

------------------------2.2 - ICICILE INN [IIN]----------------------

There is a weapon shop to the left, and an inn on the top right.  On 
the top floor of the inn, by the window is a X-Potion.  Go into the 
room next to the snowman and go into the room to the north.  There 
are a Hero Drink and a Vaccine here.  Also take the map that's on the 
wall of this room.  You can go into the building next to the weapon 
shop to see some videos about Aeris's parents, the Ancients, Jenova 
and WEAPON.  Also after watching them go down the stairs and take the 
Turbo Ether.  Finally go and talk to the man in the far north of 
town.  Pick the top option and Elena and some guards will turn up.  
She will talk to Cloud, and when the transparent box appears, press 
left and she will miss and go rolling past.  If she does hit you, you 
will be knocked out and end up on the bed in the room with the 

Go into the house in the middle of the town and talk to the little 
boy, twice.  He'll give you his snowboard.  Take it and go to the 
north of the town again.  Go right and you'll start a snowboard mini-
game.  Press square to brake, X to jump, Start to pause, Left/Right 
to move, and L1/R1 to quick turn to left/right.  Collecting balloons 
won't go anything, so keep to the left and take the left path twice.  
If you took the left path twice, you'll end up in a forest area.  

-----------------------2.3 - GREAT GLACIER [GG]----------------------

From the forest, go right. Keep going right until you see an area by 
a lake.  Run along the coast until you can walk on the ice.  Pick up 
the Potion and go northwest.  You'll come to an area with lots of 
little icebergs.  You need to cross them so pick the top option.  The 
icebergs will change when you jump on one surrounding it.  If they 
are raised they will submerge, if they are submerged they will raise.  
If you surrounded by submerged icebergs you will sink and have to 
start again.  To get across you need to make sure going to jump on 
one that is surrounded by raised icebergs because if you do they will 
submerge when you jump and you will sink.

When you make it to the other side go north into the cave.  Pick up 
the Safety Bit inside and go back past the icebergs and head to the 
exit in the right corner, pressing Select might help.  Go right at 
the tree and keep heading north east.  At the next area, there is a 
path to the top left, bottom left (where you should be), one to the 
bottom right and one to the top right.  Take the path to the top 
right.  Go to the top left and on the second screen of this there 
should be a blue Added Cut materia on the path, it's kinda hard to 
see.  When you have it go to the top left again.  On the next screen, 
with some steaming lakes, run towards the water to the left.  When an 
option appears choose the top option.  Keep going to the north west.  
Then go left.  You'll be on a vast snowfield.  You should place 
markers with O to plot your course.  Go north and mark your course.  
The wind can blow you around, so use the markers to make sure you are 
always going in a straight line north.  You should come to a cave.  
There is an All materia in the tent.  Get it and return to the 
snowfield.  Keep going north to arrive at a shack.  Enter it and talk 
to the man here to rest and save.  Leave the shack and your friends 
will be outside.  Talk to them and head south back to the snowfield.  
Go south until you get to the cave.  Don't enter but now go east.  
Keep going east until you get to a new area.  Head south and east to 
get to a cave.  Cure yourself, and talk to the person here.  You'll 
fight a boss...


Basically stick to Fire attacks, as Ice will heal her.  Bahamut and 
Ifrit should do it.  She attacks with Cold Breath, Ice2 and 
Fascination that confuses whoever it hits.  

After the battle, you can pick up the Summon Alexander materia left 
behind.  Now return to the shack to rest and save.

-------------------------2.4 - GAEA'S CLIFF [GC]---------------------

Leave the shack and head north.  Climb upwards and go to the ledge.  
You'll notice the gauge in the corner.  This is your temperature.  
You need to keep this above 27.  If you don't you'll pass out and end 
up back in the shack.  You keep it up by hammering the Square button, 
but you can only do this on a ledge.  The maximum temperature is 38.  
Also, your heat doesn't go down in battle or while in a cavern.

When on the ledge, go toward the flag and climb up.  Keep going up, 
climbing where the flags are and keeping you heat up at every ledge.  
Eventually you'll come to a cavern opening.  Go inside and head north 
under the arches.  Go through the door and head up the stairs to the 
left.  Go through the door to the south.  Head south and then right.  
When you get to the wall, keep going right.  You'll enter a chamber 
with a chest in.  Take the Ribbon in the chest and go left to return 
to the main path.  Go north and then west over the bridge.  Take the 
Javelin in the chest to the north and go through the door.  Go over 
the bridge and press Select.  Go north through the passage and when 
you come out, examine the blue boulder and pick the top option.  This 
will make the boulder unblock the passage below.  Retrace your steps 
back to where the Ribbon was, then head left and north, through the 
door.  Keep going north through the passage until you reach an exit.  
Follow the pathways that come next and eventually you'll be back 

Raise your temperature and climb up.  When the option appears choose 
to go up to the next ledge.  Keep climbing up and choose the top 
option to go right.  At the next ledge go up and then at the next 
one, go left, where the flag is.  Keep going up and you'll come to 
another cave opening.  Go inside.  

There is a Save Point in here to the north.  Use it and head to the 
lower right to the Elixer in the chest.  Now go north to the exit to 
the right.  You'll be outside.  Go north along the path, east then 
south.  In the next cavern, there is a Fire Armlet in the chest, take 
it and head left.  You will have an icicle, and some bats, just use 
Fire attacks, but the bats can Silence you so watch out.  Once you 
hurt the icicle enough it will begin to crack and you will have won.  
You need to do this to all four icicles hanging to the left.  They 
will fall to the lower level and fill the holes.  After 'killing' one 
you can choose to jump down.  Don't jump down (choose the top option) 
until you have made all the icicles fall, as then you can get the 
Last Elixer (which is really just a Megalixer, but when you get it, 
it's called a Last Elixer) in the chest to the far left.  Then go 
near the door and you will get the choice to jump down.  Do so by 
picking the bottom option.  The holes will be filled and you can now 
get up to the chest in the upper left corner which contains a Speed 
Source.  Jump over the stones to the north to get to the exit, you'll 
then go outside.

Pick up the Enhance Sword in the chest and head north, around the 
bend and then south.  You'll come out on the cliff again, so climb 
right, and choose to go up when the option appears.  Keep climbing up 
and you'll come to another cave entrance.  The pool of light restores 
HP and MP, and use the Save Point.  You should fight in this area to 
get some Dragon Armlet from the Blue Dragon's around here so you have 
one on every character.  If you haven't got Barrier up to MBarrier 
try to do so here.  When you think you are done, go to the right and 
down the long passageway.  A black creature, like the ones from 
Nibelhiem will appear, and then a two-headed boss will attack...


This boss has two heads, and can be a real pain if you don't know how 
to fight it.  One head is healed by ice (scaly one on the right) and 
the other by fire (the horned one on the left).  Use MBarrier and 
Haste on yourself and Slow Twinhead at the beginning and use Summon's 
like Alexander, Bahamut, maybe Odin.  Don't use Kjata or Bio.  You 
might want to stick to one head and attack with the opposite element, 
so fire and Ifrit on the right head and ice and Shiva on the left.  
When you kill one of the heads, it will cast a spell which can be 
very nasty if you have low HP.  It will do this twice when each head 
dies, so it is probably a good idea to stick to one head.  You'll get 
a Dragon Fang when you kill them. 

After the battle, I suggest you go back to the Save Point and pool of 
light.  When you are healed go back to the passage and go south, 
towards the screen.  You'll be outside, climb up the cliff to the 
right and when you get to the top, a FMV will play.  After it has 
finished, go north over the ridge.  Your party will talk then go left 
down the crater.  

-----------------------2.5 - NORTHERN CRATER [NCR1]------------------

In the next screen, go left until Tifa arrives.  She will force you 
to take her in your party if you don't have her in it already.  When 
you have made your party go left.  Go south to the lower path, and 
then go left and pick up the Summon Neo Bahamut materia.  You can 
jump to the Save Point, then jump north and go left.  Cloud will see 
something and a cutscene with the Shinra will happen.  When it's 
over, go left again and you'll see a 'shield' and some black 
creatures.  You need to cross when the wind is almost disappeared, 
but if you don't you'll get knocked back and have to fight a Wind 
Wing.  When you make it across, you'll see more black creatures.  
Follow them up the path and pick up the Kaiser Knuckle on the way.  
There's another shield on the next screen, but this time with a green 
aura going past every now and again, wait until this has gone and 
then for the wind to subside, then cross.  If you hit it, you need to 
fight a Wind Wing.  In the next screen, you'll see Sephiroth again, 
and he'll talk for a bit.  When he's done, he'll summon Jenova to 
fight you...

-----Jenova DEATH-----

Jenova's main attacks are Red Light, Silence and Tropic Wind.  You 
might want to start off by using MBarrier and Haste.  This battle can 
be pretty easy as the Red Light attack isn't that bad, and physical 
attacks can take off quite a bit of damage, but she does have quite a 
bit of HP.  If you feel like using Summons, use Kjata, Bahamut, Neo 
Bahamut and Titan.  Alexander and Comet magic is also good. You'll 
win a Reflect Ring, when she is defeated.  

Your party will talk after the battle, and you'll get the Black 
Materia back.  You need to give it to someone else, who isn't in your 
party.  Some of your team will refuse to take it, like Yuffie, 
Vincent, or Cait Sith.  When you've given it to someone, talk to 
Tifa.  Head north and pick up MP Turbo materia on the ground.  Keep 
goinG up and save at the Save Point.  Take the Poison Ring from the 
chest and head north.  There is another 'shield' screen here.  This 
one has the wind, the green aura and a strike of lightening.  Wait 
for them all to pass, then cross.  And yes, if you hit it, you have 
to fight a Wind Wing.  Go north.

You'll come to a replica of Nibelhiem, and you'll now be in a semi 
interactive flashback.  Sephiroth will turn up followed by some guy 
with black hair in Cloud's place.  Talk to Tifa to continue.  You'll 
see Nibelhiem burning down again.  When your party appears in the 
burning rubble, they will talk and Sephiroth will appear and talk 
some more.  Talk to him when you can move, then talk to Tifa twice.  
Sephiroth wilL talk and then show you the picture taken at Nibelhiem 
in Cloud's flashback.  Where Cloud should be, the guy with black hair 
is there.  Cloud goes freaky and the scene ends.

You'll then see Rufus and the other Shinra heads talk.  The scene 
will switch back to the other party members not in your team, and 
everyone but whoever has the Black Materia will disappear.  Tifa will 
appear and make that person go into the crater.  Then Tifa will turn 
out to be Sephiroth.  The other party members will appear and the 
scene will switch back to the Shinra heads.  Your party will then 
appear where the Shinra are.  The person holding the Black Materia 
will turn up and press O a few times to get them to give the Black 
Materia to Cloud.  Cloud will then fly up to where Sephiroth is.  
Hojo will talk for a bit, then watch the FMV where Cloud will give 
the Black Materia to Sephiroth and the crater will fall apart.  Watch 
the very cool FMV as the WEAPON's appear, and everyone but Cloud will 
escape on the Highwind.  

There'll be a flashback and you'll come to at Junon Town.

-------------------2.6 - JUNON TOWN REVISITED [JUN2]-----------------

You'll talk to Barret and then find out that Meteor has been 
summoned, WEAPON's are attacking and that the Northern Cave is 
protected by a barrier.  When you can move talk to Barret, and Rufus 
and Heidegger will turn up.  As Barret, follow Tifa and the guards.  
Save at the Save Point then follow them down the stairs.  Go left and 
down the stairs.  Just keep following them, until you come to a room 
with some chairs.  Tifa will get strapped into the gas chamber.  
WEAPON will then attack Junon.  Scarlet will get knocked out by Cait 
Sith and two guards will attack Cait Sith and Barret.  Just attack 
with physical attacks.  After the battle,  go to the door in the 
south east.  Press O a few times.  You'll then see Heidegger and 
Rufus arm the big cannon to fire against WEAPON.  After it fires and 
WEAPON still attacks Junon, the scene will switch back to Tifa.  Gas 
will start pumping into the chamber.  As Barret go talk to Cait Sith.  
Go north, out the door, then right.  There can be some tough random 
battles around here, so you may want to equip some materia.  You'll 
see Yuffie posing as a reporter, talk to her to get her to join you.  
Keep going left.  Go north and examine the yellow box to go up a 
level.  Go north east towards the ship in the background.  You'll now 
switch to Tifa.  To free her, press the following buttons: X, X, 
Triangle, X and Triangle, Triangle and Circle, Circle.  This will 
free her and then go around to the back of the seat and press O to 
shut off the gas.  Go over to the door and WEAPON will cut and 
opening in the ceiling before being shot again with the cannon.  Make 
your way down the side and then go towards the top left, using the 
Select button might help.  Keep going this way to the end of the 
cannon.  Scarlet will appear and start slapping you!  Slap her back 
with O.  If you hit her enough, she'll fall to the ground; if you get 
hit too much, you fall to the ground.  No matter what happens,  
Barret will appear in the Highwind and save Tifa.  Go into the door 
to the left to enter the Highwind.  Go down the stairs and go to the 
right along the walkway.  Keep going right to get to the cockpit.  
Talk to everyone here, ending in Red XIII.  Then talk to Cid and the 
pilot next to him. Go back to the room called Operation.  Talk to the 
man here, and make a new party.  You can also restore HP and MP, and 
save.  Go back and talk to the pilot and choose the top option to fly 
the Highwind.  

You'll notice the big pink Meteor in the sky and you can ram the 
barrier around the Northern Crater (it won't get you anywhere).  Lots 
of places sell new items, such as Junon Town, Fort Condor, Costa De 
Sol and Rocket Town.  In Rocket Town, in the weapon/accessory shop 
there is a chest with a Fourth Bracelet in.  When you're done, fly to 
the south-eastern continent. There is an town surrounded by a forest.  
Land the Highwind on the grass and enter the town.  

----------------------------2.7 - MIDEEL [MDE]-----------------------

Go to the right, not north and go into the shops.  Talk to the 
hyperactive kid in each store and buy weapons, they're expensive but 
worth it.  At the back of the weapon store, examine the door and then 
go to where the accessory shop is.  Go behind it and the walkway will 
creak.  Examine it to get the 'Beat-up Useless Old Key'.  Go back to 
the weapon store's door and examine the door again.  When the option 
appears you can either lie and get some funny results about how nice 
the door is :) or choose the bottom one to get the Curse Ring.  
You'll need to reset if you chose the top option.  When your done 
shopping, go to the right along the upper walkway and into the house 
here.  You can buy accessories here.  Now go north and Tifa will play 
with the cat.  While doing this, she will overhear some people 
talking nearby.  It turns out that Cloud washed up near here and is 
being cared for in the hospital.  Tifa insists on staying with him.  

You'll then be back on the Highwind.  Cait Sith will reveal that the 
Shinra are looking fro Huge Materia at Corel and Fort Condor.  Cid 
will then be declared the new party leader, complete with his weird 
running style.  Go to the Operations room to make a new party.  
Afterwards, land the Highwind and return to Mideel.  Go into the 
house to the left of where the cat was.  Pick up the Elixer from the 
bed.  When you try to leave the old man will ask if you took it, 
answer however, you'll still get to keep it.  Return to the Highwind 
and go to North Corel.

--------------2.8 - NORTH COREL HUGE MATERIA QUEST [NCHM]------------

Go to the north of the town and go along the long train track bridge.  
Go north east and then along the bridge in the west direction.  These 
train tracks should look familiar, so make your way west to where the 
Save Point is.  Keep going west, then north west across the bridge 
until you reach North Corel reactor.  Go north and you'll be attacked 
by some Shinra guards, they are easily killed.  Afterwards, a train 
will leave the reactor.  Cid will go and get another train to chase 
the Shinra one.

In the next bit, you will firstly need to continually press Up and 
Triangle to catch up with the other train.  This may take some 
practice to get a fast motion going.  You should arrive at the other 
train and will jump on it.  On each carriage you will need to fight a 
battle, there are 5 in all.  Don't use Summon's as they take too 
long, concentrate on magic and physical attacks.  Once you get to the 
engine after the battles, press the buttons in the following order, 
after your friends have stopped talking:  Up and Triangle, Down and 
X, Down and X.  The train will speed up before stopping before 
actually hitting the town.  If you saved North Corel, you'll get the 
Huge Materia and then go to where the shops are, and you'll get the 
Ultima materia from a kid.  You'll then sleep in the inn.  If you 
didn't save the town, you can pay 50,000 Gil to the kid for the 
materia. If you go into the house below the inn and talk to the woman 
here, you'll get Barret's Level 4 Limit Break Manual from her.  Now 
leave North Corel, get in the Highwind and fly to Fort Condor.  

-------------2.9 - FORT CONDOR HUGE MATERIA QUEST [FCHM]-------------

You might want to save in the bedroom before starting this quest.  
When you are done, go up the ladder in the top left side of the area 
and then up the stairs.  Talk to the orange guy up here and pick the 
middle option to start a mini game, or the bottom option to learn 
more.  In the mini game you need to set units to attack oncoming 
enemies, it doesn't really matter if they reach the reactor, because 
if they do, your party just has to fight the commander which is 
easier than the mini game. So if you want to Have money, as you have 
to pay for the units you use, just put down a few units and wait 
until they attack the shed and beat the commander that way.  Watch 
the FMV then go out the door and pick up the Summon Phoenix materia 
and look at the sweet ickly baby condor, who will then fly off.  Go 
back inside and talk to the man praying at the table to get the Huge 
Materia.  You'll then learn there's another Huge Materia in Junon, 
but first go back to Mideel and go and talk to Tifa.  The screen will 
shake, so go outside and you'll see Ultima WEAPON flying about.  
After Cid shouts at it, it will attack you...

-----Ultima WEAPON-----

This boss only has a few attacks (Quake 2 and Ultima Beam) and is 
pretty easy to beat, use Barrier as he deal out quite a bit of 
damage, you can also use Haste if you like, and then just use 
powerful summons and physical attacks and eventually he'll fly off.

The town will then fall about and as Cloud and Tifa try to escape, 
they will fall into the Lifestream.

--------------------2.10 - INSIDE THE LIFESTREAM [LFS]---------------

You'll now control Tifa and after she freaks out, you'll be in a 
place of Cloud's memories.  Firstly talk to the Cloud in the north, 
when Nibelhiem is.  Go north a bit, and then talk to Cloud when he 
appears.  When your back with the other Cloud's talk to the one on 
the left, looking at the well.  After that's done, talk to the Cloud 
on the steps, then to the kid Cloud.  After Tifa and Cloud fall, talk 
to the shadow of Cloud. Then follow Cloud to where Niblehiem is and 
talk to him.  Then go into Nibelhiem.   You'll go to the Mako 
reactor.  The rest of the story should unfold and you'll learn who 
Cloud really is.  After that, talk to Cloud one last time and you'll 
be returned to the real world.

When you have returned to the Highwind, talk to the guy here and make 
a new team.  You might want to go back to Mideel and buy some more 
things from the hyper kid up the slope.  Also go to the Chocobo Farm 
and buy some Mimett Greens and give them to the white chocobo (they 
are called Salerno Greens there for some reason) and you'll get the 
Contain materia.  You might also want to spend this time breeding 
chocobos before going on with the story, as you can get the Knights 
Of The Round materia which can wipe out the rest of the bosses in one 
hit.  You can also go into the Gold Saucer again, and get the key to 
Midgar from the Bone Village (see Tifa's Ultimate Weapon).  Anyway 
when you are done, go to Junon.

----------------2.11 - JUNON HUGE MATERIA QUEST [JHM]----------------

Go to the soldier at the north of the town and pay him to ride the 
elevator.  Press the panel to ride it.  Go to the main road in Junon 
and go south then north until you reach a grey corridor with an 
officer drilling his men (he'll be blowing a whistle).  Go towards 
them and follow them through the door to the left.  In the elevator, 
you'll fight some soldiers.  At the bottom of the elevator you have 
to fight some more soldiers.  After they're done, go south then left.  
Then go right down the stairs and save. Go down the next elevator.  
Go north through the underwater tunnel. Go into the chamber at the 
end and press the red switch.  Then go back out the door you came 
from.  Go along the walkway past some submarines, and hit a Save 
Point in the next hall.  You can talk to the guard in the north and 
he will fight you, then two more soldiers will; if you don't talk to 
him all three will fight you.  Got to the right and fight more 
guards.  Make your way across the walkway and see the Huge Materia 
being loaded.  Keep going right and you'll meet Reno of the Turks 
again, but he will sent a metal machine after you instead...

-----Carry Armour-----

If you have Knights of the Round, this boss can be killed in one go.  
Otherwise: All three parts of this boss are weak against Lightening, 
so use Ramuh and Bolt as much as you can.  The guy's arms can 
imprison one or two of your allies, and they receive a third of the 
damage the boss takes, so if they are caught try not to use anything 
that hits more than once.  The only way to get your allies back 
during the battle is to kill off the arm they are held in, or to have 
that character die.  Once you have your characters back, use Phoenix 
to restore them and hurt the boss.  This guy has a pretty nasty 
attack called Lapis Laser which can take off about 1,500 HP so watch 
out for that.  You'll get the God's Hand once you're done.

Head to the left to get the Battle Trumpet.  Then head towards the 
guards in the background.  Get the Scimitar from the chest by the 
stairs and the Leviathan Scales in the chest to the left.  Then go up 
the stairs and fight the guards.  Cloud will then get in the sub and 
you'll have to fight the three guards in here. Save after killing 
them, then go to the door to the north to meet the commander and two 
soldiers.  You can either choose to let them live (bottom option) or 
fight them (top).  Afterwards examine the chair and read the manual 
then sit in the chair.  Then pick the bottom option to start a mini 

Use square to shoot torpedoes when near an enemy sub.  X Speed Down, 
Triangle Speed Up.  Most is explained in the manual.  You have 10 
minutes to complete the mini game.  First locate the red Shinra sub 
and continually shoot torpedoes at it, you can also destroy the 
yellow subs too.  Watch out for mines, and if WARNING comes up an 
enemy sub is approaching, ALERT when it is firing, MINE if you've run 
into a mine, and CONFLICT if you are hitting the ocean floor.  When 
you are done, Misson Complete will appear and you can now use the sub 
on the World Map.  If you didn't do it, your party will jettison the 
sub.  You will then be at the dock near Junon.  Before going into 
Junon, get back in the sub.  

---------------2.12 - SUNKEN SHINRA PLANE (GELNIKA) [SSP]------------

Go to the bay near Gold Saucer, there is a dock nearby.  Submerge and 
you'll see a plane on the sea bed.  Touch it to enter.  The enemies 
in here are very hard, so be careful in random battles.  Go left and 
save.  Take the Heaven's Cloud from the chest and go in the door to 
the north.  Go left and get the Escort Guard from the chest.  Go to 
the top right corner and pick up the Double Cut materia.  Go to the 
top left corner and take the Conformer, Yuffie's Ultimate Weapon.  
Then go back to the entrance and go north across the beams and pick 
up the Megalixer in the chest.  Then go back to the Save Point.  Go 
left and you'll meet Reno and Rude again.  You'll have to fight them 
once again...

-----Reno and Rude-----

This is much like any other time you have faced Reno and Rude, hurt 
one enough the other will go, Rude can use Fire and Ice, and Reno 
uses Neo Turk Light a lot.  Haste your guys, Barrier etc, or just use 
KOTR to kill them in one go.  They can confuse you as well, and use 
Summons whenever you can.  You'll get an Elixer when they leave.  

Go through the door they were by.  Take the Megalixer from the chest 
and go all the way along the walkway to get to a cheat with the 
Spirit Lance in.  Go down to the lower level and take the Outsider 
and Cid's Level 4 Limit Break Manual, Highwind from the chest below.  
Go to the helicopter and pick up the Summon Hades materia there.  
There's nothing else here so you can leave or morph the enemies here 
into various sources.  

If you completed the mini game, you need to get the Huge Materia from 
the downed Shinra sub so go to the islands to the south of the World 
Map, west of the Temple of the Ancients, and south east of the weapon 
smiths house.  Submerge and look around underwater for the red sub.  
Touch it to pick up the Huge Materia.

If you didn't complete the mini game go back to Junon and to back to 
the grey walkway in the centre of the town.  Go down the elevator to 
where the dog is, fight some guards then examine the dog, follow him 
and examine him again. Pick the top option.  Fight the guards that 
show up, then choose to either fight the commander or not. You will 
then gain control of the sub.

Now go to the southern part of the Northern continent.  Look around 
for a tunnel in the wall leading to a cave, there is a spiky object 
here.  Touch it to take it.  Now you can choose to go back to Junon.  
You can go back to airport to see an optional FMV of the plane taking 
off with the Huge Materia.  Now go back to Rocket Town.

-------------2.13 - ROCKET TOWN HUGE MATERIA QUEST [RTHM]------------

Go to the rocket, and fight the two soldiers.  Then fight the others 
up the stairs.  Cid will then show up and insist on being in your 
party.  Go up the ladder and you'll fight Rude and some soldiers....

-----Rude (and soldiers)-----

Finish off the soldiers first, and use KOTR if you have it.  If not, 
just Haste, Barrier etc, and use summons and spells.  He can Cure 
himself and use Bolt2.  He's pretty easy to beat and you might win an 
S-Mine when you're done.  

Go inside the rocket and you'll fight another soldier.  Go through 
the northern door with Circle and talk to the crew here.  After Cid's 
done being all heroic, and the rocket take off, go to the door on the 
right and up the ladder.  Examine the Huge Materia.  Pick the top 
option and when the first message appears, press Circle.  Then, on 
the second message, press Square; on the third message, press X and 
on the fourth one, press X.  Go back down the ladder, after getting 
the Huge Materia.  Head down the ladder to the cockpit and go through 
the door to the south and climb down the ladder here.  When you walk 
past the tanks, they will explode, trapping Cid.  Shera will help Cid 
get out and into the escape pod.  After a long cutscene and FMV,  
you'll be back in the Highwind.  

After talking a bit, go to Cosmo Canyon.  Go up to Bugenhagen's 
observatory.  Talk to Bugenhagen and Cloud will call the others.  
They will talk about Aeris for a while and Cloud will ask Bugenhagen 
to look after the Huge Materia.  Examine them all and get the Bahamut 
ZERO Summon from getting closer to the Huge Blue Materia.  Exit Cosmo 
Canyon, and go to the Ancient City on the Northern Continent.

--------------2.14 - CITY OF THE ANCIENTS REVISITED [ANC3]-----------

At the crossroads go left, then right under the overhang.  Go to the 
right over the arches to get to where Bugenhagen is. You talk for a 
while about the Ancient's, the Planet, and Holy.  You need the spiky 
object you got from the sea, which is actually a key to continue.  If 
you didn't get it, Bugenhages will stay here until you get it.  If 
you do have it, it will create a waterfall and a short FMV will 
occur.  Go across the bridge and you will see pictures of Aeris on 
the water.  After Bugenhagen has finished talking, you can leave the 
Ancient City.  You discover that the Sister Ray has been moved to 
Midgar.  Make your way back to the Highwind.  You see another WEAPON 
rise from the water near Midgar.  Land the Highwind near Midgar and 
wait for the WEAPON to reach the land.  You can now run into it to 
fight it...

-----Diamond WEAPON-----

Haste/Big Guard/MBarrier etc at the start.  Physical attacks won't 
work, so stick to Summon's and spells. He likes to stomp on you a 
lot, so be sure to use Cure/All.  Don't use Demi or Bio. You can slow 
him too, and when you've hurt him enough he will use Countdown.  If 
you kill him before the countdown ends, you win, but if the countdown 
does end, the Sister Ray will shoot him.  Either way he gets shot by 
Sister Ray, but if you kill him, you get looooooooooads of EXP, AP 
and Gil.

Watch the FMV's and after Midgar gets hit, you'll be back on the 
HIghwind.  You can go fight Ultimate WEAPON now or just fly towards 
the Northern Cave to get on with the plot.  You'll find the barrier 
is gone and that Hojo has taken over the Sister Ray.  Now make your 
way to Midgar and fly over it.  You will be on the deck of the 
Highwind.  Pick your party and parachute into Midgar.

-------------2.15 - RETURN TO MIDGAR/MIDGAR UNDERGROUND [MDG2]-------

Watch the FMV and when you get inside Midgar, follow Cait Sith.  Go 
north, talk to everyone here, save and talk to Cait Sith to open 
hatch.  Go down the ladder to enter the underground of Midgar.  Go 
down the ladder and then down the slope (not the stairs).  Go north, 
over the wood plank, then right to a chest with a Megalixer in.  Then 
go all the way left past the wood plank to a chest with an Elixer in.  
Go all the way back to the ladder where you came underground and go 
down the stairs here.  Go down the ladder to the left and north in 
the background.  Go all the way up to get an Aegis Armlet.  Go back 
down the ladder to the walkway and run to the right of the screen.  
After the walkway gives way, head left, onto the pipe and go up the 
ladders.  Keep going up, and when you are off the ladder, go under 
the stairs, down and into the pipe.  Open the chests here to get an 
Elixer and a Starlight Phone.  Go down the ladder in the foreground.  
Go towards the pipe with 42 on it.  Go north through the pipe, and 
when at the other end, go left and up the ladder.  Get the Max Ray 
and head back down the ladder.  Go down the chute and press left to 
jump up.  Go up the ladder and up the stairs in the background, near 
the 12 pipe.  Go up the stairs and save.  Enter the area in red and 
go north through the crawl space.  Firstly go south.  Keep going 
south until you see a treasure chest on the left.  Open it to get a 
Power Source.  Again keep going south until there is a chest between 
the doorways.  There is a Guard Source inside.  South again is two 
chests with a Mind Source and a Magic Source in.  Go south again to 
get to a dead end with a Save Point and the W-Item Materia nearby, to 
the right (see it was worth it!).  Save if you want and go 
aaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way north to where the crawlway 
is; (where you entered the sewers with the red area).  You'll 
probably want to go back to the Save Point next to the crawlway 
entrance.  Go north in the sewers when you're done, and all three 
Turks will show up...

-----Reno, Rude and Elena-----

Reno is healed by ice, Rude by fire and Elena by lightning so it's 
best to stick to non-elemental attacks like Bahamut, Ultima, Tornado 
or Break.  This battle is pretty tough and try not to use Pheonix to 
revive if you can as it will heal Rude, being the bird of fire and 
all.  Obviously use Barrier or Wall and Haste at the beginning.  
Limit Breaks work well as always and Cure/All, just be careful if you 
use Wall or MBarrier as Cure will only restore half of what it 
normally does.  After you dealt out the damage the Turks will run 
away and you'll get a measly Elixer for your battle.

Go north and when you see Cid, take the left path.  Go up the ladder 
to the left and go north to arrive back at the Shinra HQ.  Cait Sith 
will come out the entrance.  You can now get the items in the chests 
in the Accessories room; and if you go up to the 64th floor and 
examine the lockers at the back you can get Cait Sith's Ultimate 
Weapon, the HP Shout.  Go back to the sewers.  Go south until you get 
to another secret passage.  Take the left path to get outside.  Go 
north and Cloud will climb to the street.  Go north and a huge 
machine will turn up, being controlled by Heidegger and Scarlet...

-----Proud Clod-----

This boss consists of two part (head and chest).  The boss doesn't do 
too much damage, but be careful when it kneels and fires from its 
back.  It can also disable your Materia.  Use only powerful Summons 
or spells after Barrier and Haste.  Try to keep your HP up too.  
You'll get the Ragnarok sword after defeating Proud Clod.

Go north after the battle.  Open the two chests to get an Elixer and 
a Mystile.  Use the Save Point and go up the stairs.  Talk to Vincent 
on the first landing and go to the second landing.  If you have 
Barrett on your team, there will be a chest here with Barret's 
Ultimate Weapon the Missing Score in.  If Barrett isn't in your team 
the chest won't be there.  Either way, go up the stairs and to the 
right.  You'll talk to Hojo.  He'll then attack you...


Hojo fights in three forms.  He uses Capsule to make some sample 
monsters appear.  Every time you kill them he'll just make more 
reappear so concentrate on Hojo himself.  Use Barrier and Haste if 
you like although this battle isn't that hard if you keep your HP up.  
After killing the first form of Hojo, he'll appear as Helletic Hojo 
which has three parts.  Ignore the arms and focus on attacks on the 
main body.  He can confuse or Silence you, and the right causes quite 
some damage.  The final form of Hojo can cause Silence and Slow and 
can use and attack called Combo which can Poison whoever it hits.  On 
all forms just use Summons, spells and physical attacks if you have 
high attack points.  You'll get a Power Source for killing all three 

You go back to the Highwind and then watch the cut scenes.  There is 
then a pretty long cut scene with Cloud and Tifa.  At the end, watch 
the Highwind blast off and that's it for Disc 2!