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[right path] [left path/upper left path] [place of gathering]
[jenova synthesis] [bizzaro sephiroth] [safer sephiroth]
-------------------------3.1 - NORTHERN CAVE [NCA]-------------------

You'll start off on the outside deck of the Highwind.  You can go 
down the ladder to go into the Northern Cave or go back to the 
cockpit to return to the World Map.  To continue, choose to go down 
and when you jump into the crater descent, you will see a treasure 
chest with a Save Crystal in it.  You can use this to create a save 
point in the Cave, but you can only use it once, so don't use it yet. 
Next to the treasure chest is a door or a cave leading back to the 
Highwind in case you need anything or just running low on supplies.

Go down the path, jumping across the gaps automatically. You can pick 
up the Guard Source in the chest along here.  Leave the descent and 
you'll enter a new area.  Here you can climb down the grey areas with 
O.  Climb down the right side and get to the chest with another Guard 
Source in.  Go to the next chest (Mind Source), don't walk off the 
edge of the ledge below or you'll have to climb back up. You can now 
either climb back up and get the rest of the chests, or continue down 
into the Cave.  To get the chests, firstly climb up the ledge to your 
left.  Go all the way to the left and climb up two ledges, then walk 
to the right to find another chest containing a Magic Source. Go left 
again, go up to the next ledge, then go to the right and climb up 
again. Walk all the way to the right, climb up again and head left to 
find a chest holding an Elixir. Then go up to the next ledge, go 
left, and climb up the grey part to get to a chest containing a Power 
Source.  Go to the right and past a large rock to obtain a HP Absorb 
materia. When you've got all that, jump back down, go right, and 
climb up the ledge to reach the top again and make your way south to 
an area with a load of ledges again.  Go to the right to fall down 
and go to a hidden chest on the left with a Mind Source in.  Go to 
the ledge edge and press O when the message appears to jump up.  Walk 
left until you fall down, then go right and walk through the doorway 
by pressing up. Through here is a chest with a Megalixir. Make your 
way back to the other screen and go to the left to fall down another 
level.  Get the chest to the right (Hero Drink) and go through the 
doorway on the left. Get the Guard Source and follow the path to a 
Power Source.  Go back out and go up to the opening that will take 
you back to the top.  Go all the way down by running right, fall 
down, right again and go through the doorway.  Go through the opening 
it takes you to, and go left, then fall down and then right.  In the 
next screen climb down the first "ladder" and here's a good point to 
use your Save Crystal.  Then climb down again and you'll meet the 
rest of your friends.  You need to decide which way they should all 
take, left or right.  Choose a way for Cloud to go and then tell the 
people you want in your party to go the same way. If you told the 
people who were in your party before to go another way to Cloud, 
you'll have to make a new party.  I've separated the paths below, 
right path, and left path, with the upper and lower routes separated.
---------------------------3.2 - RIGHT PATH [RP]---------------------

You'll find yourself in a rocky area. Follow the path down. At the 
gap, choose to either jump down or turn back.  Get the Mystile in the 
chest on the right and the green Elixer to your left.  Keep going 
along the path. The chest in the north has a Speed Source in it.  
There is a Tetra Elemental in the chest between the broken 
structures.  On the main path, head east then north.  At the path 
split go west and get the Megalixer from the chest and retrack to the 
path split and go north.  The chest on the right has another 
Megalixer in it.  Keep going north to the bridge and work your way 
down it to the Place of Gathering. 

----------------------------3.3 - LEFT PATH [LP]---------------------

At the start of this path, whoever else (apart from your current 
party)you told to go on the left path will ask whether to take the 
upper or lower path.  Take the path you didn't tell the others to go. 

-----------------------3.4 - LEFT PATH: UPPER [LPU]------------------

Jump down to the brown branch thing and go to the right and press up 
to get to another branch.  Then go right and get the Magic Source 
from the chest and go back to the first branch.  Go left then north 
to the edge.  Here Cloud will jump to the rocks.  Go north along the 
path and Cloud will dive into the water and re surface on the other 
side. Get the Remedy from the chest by going left then north.  Make 
your way right and take the upper path to get to a new screen.  Go to 
the far right and pick up a Hero Drink from the chest.  Take the 
upper route and go all the way left and to the north to get to a 
chest with a Vaccine in.  Walk in front of the rock on the right and 
take the path up to the top and pick up the Shield materia there.  
From here walk to the left and press down to climb down.  Cloud will 
get his feet wet again and re surface near a chest, this time with an 
Imperial Guard in. After getting it, press down to make Cloud re 
enter the water and go back to the other side of the screen.  Run 
south then east to arrive in a new area.  This place can be annoying 
due to layout and there isn't a clear path, but go to the left and 
work your way down.  Go towards the centre of the screen and then 
north to end up near a small dot.  Press O to get the W-Magic 
materia.  Now make your way to the light by going south then east.  
When you get to the light, examine the bit of darkness to get a 
Counter materia.  The go west then north to get to the Place of 

----------------------3.5 - LEFT PATH: LOWER [LPL]-------------------

Jump down the columns and get the Remedy from the chest.  Go right 
and go up the steps to get to an Elixer in a chest.  Make your way 
back to the first chest and jump down to the column at the bottom of 
the ledge to get an X-Potion in a chest.  Go southeast to the next 
screen.  Jump down and go left to get a Turbo Ether.  Follow the path 
and get the Vaccine from the chest.  Go west then south and jump 
across some more columns.  Go to the south and then right to get down 
to a ledge with another X Potion.  Go to the left over the bridge and 
drop down.  Keep going right and then down the steps.  There is a 
chest to the left with a Turbo Ether inside.  Go to the left and 
there is a materia floating in the air.  You will jump onto that 
platform but you need to press O at the right time (or just hammer 
it) to pick up the materia before jumping onto the western ledge.  
It's the Mega-All materia and you can only get it while jumping from 
the south not from the western ledge.  Anyway, get the Speed Source 
from the chest on the western ledge and make your way south to the 
Place of Gathering.
------------------------3.6 - PLACE OF GATHERING [POG]---------------

On the right is a chest with a Luck Source. Follow the path until you 
get to a set of steps.  The rest of your friends will turn up and you 
can talk to them to get various items.  Some may not have some, 
depending the way you told them to go.  When you have their items, 
approach the steps.  Choose to either go down or stay.  If you choose 
to go down, you can't come up, so I suggest going back along the 
paths that you didn't do along, to pick up items etc.  Once you're 
all done up there choose to go down.  You'll leap down the steps 
towards the centre and can be attacked while descending.  After the 
second set of steps you'll reach the centre and have to fight the 
final form of Jenova.
-----Jenova Synthesis-----

Haste and Barrier/Wall yourself and begin to deal out the damage with 
Enemy Skills and Summons. After you've hit the arms enough they'll 
drop but you need to kill the rest of Jenova quickly after that as 
they will be resurrected after a while, so multi enemy spells and 
summons are essential here.  If you have high attack, physical 
attacks are good.  Her attacks themselves aren't much to worry about 
but when she is about to kick the bucket, a countdown will begin, 
going down from 5 every round.  If it hit's zero, Jenova will cast 
Ultima ending the fight.  But if you end it like this, you won't get 
any EXP, Gil or AP for the battle so try and hit her hard to end it 
After Jenova's death, the ground begins to fall apart and Cloud etc 
begin to float.  Sephiroth appears and you'll get to make a new party 
and visit the menu before you have to fight the first form of 

-----Bizzaro Sephiroth-----

Wall/Haste at the beginning to up your defence and use multi enemy 
attacks again to damage the five parts of Bizzaro.  Whenever one of 
his body parts dies, you are given the option to switch to another 
party (if you had the choice to make another party).  If you have 
more than one, only one party can attack the centre of Sephiroth's 
body, the yellow orb.  Once that team has damaged the centre enough 
you can switch back to Cloud's party and get that team to attack him.  
Once you've killed the orb attack the other body parts. If you have 
more than one party, and one team is wiped out the game is over, so 
watch out.  You should also be careful in relation to Cloud's level 
as Sephiroth will gain more HP etc compared to his level.

Sephy can heal himself and resurrect body parts.  His attacks include 
Demi 3, a fire ray type attack and an attack that reduces all party 
members HP to 1 point. 

Once Bizzaro Sephiroth has been defeated, Sephiroth shows up in a new 
form. You fight him with whatever team Cloud is a part of.

-----Safer Sephiroth-----

Safer Sephiroth can be pretty mean and again his HP etc depend on 
Cloud's level.  He attacks may ways, can slow and dispel team 
members, cast Wall on himself and attack with various high level 
magic.  One of his meanest attacks is Supernova that hits all party 
members.  He also has a laser attack and can fly high, preventing 
some characters from attacking physically. 

Use Wall/Haste/Regen and fix any status problems from the previous 
fight.  Again dish it out with best summons (KOTR, Bahamut ZERO), 
spells (Ultima, Flare) and enemy skills, as well as anything else 
that deals big damage, such as Coin or Throw, as you won't be needing 
money or items anymore!

After killing Safer Sephiroth, Cloud will fight Sephiroth one last 
time, one on one. It's very easy and impossible to lose, so either 
let Cloud counter or use Omnislash (which comes up even if you 
haven't learned it).  After that is over, enjoy the really long (as 
most game endings are) ending, and get very, very happy as that's it! 
Final Fantasy VII Completed!!!!