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-----------------------1.1 - MAKO POWER PLANT [PP1]------------------

After the end of the beginning FMV, when you can move Cloud, check 
the body of the closest guard twice to get two Potions.  Head north 
towards the door where the other AVALANCHE members go.  Defeat the 
guards who attack you and then go through the door to your left to go 
outside.  Meet the AVALANCHE members, Biggs, Wedge and Jessie, learn 
a bit more about Cloud, and then name him and Barret.  Head up, 
right, up and left through the door.  You will come to a T-junction; 
follow the other members to enter the plant itself.

Talk to Barret, and he joins you in your party, so you can now fight 
with him.  Talk to Biggs to open the first door, then to Jessie to 
open the second one.  Go through the passageway to the south after 
the second door to get a Phoenix Down in the chest.  Talk to Jessie 
to enter the elevator.  Once inside push the button with the up/down 
button with two arrows on.  Listen to Barret and Cloud argue then 
follow Jessie out of the elevator and down the red stairs, and 
through the door.  Jump over the gap; talk to Jessie and down the 
ladder.  Get the Potion half-hidden in the smoke, and down the stairs 
and ladder.  Go south to the next area.  Follow the pipes, down the 
stairs to the Save Point.  Follow the walkway south.  Pick up the 
Restore material (which you can't use yet).  Watch as Cloud gets 
freaky and then plants the bomb, and your first boss battle of FF7 

-----Guard Scorpion-----

Don't worry about it's Search Scope attack as it doesn't cause any HP 
damage.  Make Cloud use his Bolt magic and Barret attack with his 
gun.  Use this method and Limit Breaks to inflict damage until it's 
tail goes up.  Ignore what Cloud says and don't attack while it's 
tail is up or it will counter big time.  Just heal if needed or 
defend until the tail goes down and continue like before.

Equip the Assault Gun you receive for Barret after defeating the 
boss.  You now have ten minutes to escape the plant. Retrace your 
steps, save if you like, up the ladder, over the pipes and talk to 
Jessie near where the Potion was before.  Free her and retrack to the 
elevator.  Go up a level and talk to the AVALANCHE members to open 
the doors back to the T-junction where the game takes over.  Watch as 
the reactor explodes.

-----------------------1.2 - MIDGAR CITY [MDG1]----------------------

After you escape, head up the stairs and go left.  You can talk to 
the flower girl (Aeris) and pick the bottom option, then the top, and 
then you can choose to buy a flower from her for one gil.  Go south, 
get the Potion near the lampposts, (you'll see it shining).  Go south 
again.  Some guards will approach you.  You can fight them if you 
like for EXP, gil etc, (don't worry you'll be fully healed), but bare 
in mind they keep on coming and you'll eventually get cornered.  
Cloud will then jump onto the moving train below.  You will see the 
AVALANCHE members talking and then Cloud enters the train.  They talk 
for a bit, then walk towards the screen (forwards, to where the team-
members jumped off).  Talk to the people here, ending with Jessie, 
who will show you a simulation of the Midgar rail system and explain 
about Mako reactors.  Approach Barret, learn about the plate and 
eventually you will arrive at the train station. Talk to the people 
here and follow the team to the left. You can go right to the train 
graveyard, but there's nothing there.  There's a save point to the 
north, and you can talk to the guy here to take a look at the Plate 
then follow the team members to the left.  You can talk to people 
here if you want.  You can rest at the top floor of the tall building 
for ten Gil, but there's no point as you will regain HP here before 
you fight again anyway.  Wait as Barret kicks everyone out of the bar 
then talk to him to let you inside AVALANCHE's hideout.

---------------------1.3 - AVALANCHE HIDEOUT [HID]-------------------

Here, you will meet Tifa, and Marlene, Barret's daughter.  Answer 
however you like when TIfa ask you a question.  You can name her, and 
if you bought a flower from Aeris earlier, you can choose to give the 
flower to either Tifa or Marlene.  Talk to the other AVALANCHE 
members, then try to leave by walking toward the door, and Barret 
will run in.  You can talk to Tifa for a while, then head downstairs 
by going over to the lift where everyone else went, and pressing O.  
Again, talk to everyone here, then try to go back upstairs and Tifa 
will come down and talk to you, then go back upstairs using the lift.  
Try to leave and Tifa will talk to you for a while.  Answer however 
and see a flashback from Cloud and Tifa's past.  Barret will come up 
and give you his stash :) of 1,500 Gil.  You'll stay the night and 
wake up in the room downstairs.  Go back upstairs to meet Tifa and 
Barret.  Talk to them both, and you can choose to learn about materia 
too, and you can now access the materia menu from the main menu.  You 
should also go the tall building's middle floor. You can buy armour 
and other items from the first floor shop.  On the middle floor there 
is an 'All' materia at the feet of the guy on the left, take it and 
get the Ether from the chest that falls after taking it.  You can 
learn about various things about the game in this room, recommended 
if you are feeling confused!!  You can also buy materia and items in 
the store to the left of the tall building.  When you are ready to 
leave, go to the right twice, and board the train.

-------------------1.4 - RETURN TO MAKO PLANT [PP2]------------------

Learn about your next mission, and you can talk to everyone here if 
you like, but to continue you need to talk to Tifa.  When the ID 
Check discovers you, you have 15 seconds to get to the next car in 
line each time.  You can talk to the people in the cars but it's just 
a waste of time.  When you are running through the third car, someone 
walking past will nick some of your Gil.  You can get it back, by 
talking to him twice and picking the second option before exiting to 
the next car.  Rub through the cars until you get to the end of the 
train.  Talk to Tifa and you, Tifa and Barret will jump off the 
train, into the sewers below.  

From where you jumped off, you can either go north or south.  If you 
go south, after a few screens some guards will turn up who you can 
fight.  After you beat them, more will come out.  Each time you have 
an option to fight or run, so you can fight this battle as many times 
as you like.  It's good for EXP, Gil and AP.  Once you are done 
there, or just want to continue without fighting the guards, go 
north.  You will arrive at a green beam security barrier.  There is a 
shaft to the left.  Examine it with O, and choose to top option 

Go to the right and pick up the Ether.  Go down the ladder.  In the 
next screen, go down, left and down the ladder again.  Go down the 
stairs and to the left, ignore the ladder in the middle.  Talk to 
Wedge and go up the ladder to meet Jessie.  Take the Potion to the 
left, and go down the ladder to the far left, not the one next to 
Jessie.  Keep going down the ladder and go the right to pick up a 
Tent and find the Save Point.  Talk to Biggs and go up the ladder to 
enter the plant.

Go down the chute to the right, and go to the left and through the 
door.  This should look familiar, as it is the same layout as the 
previous Mako Plant.  Jump the gap, go down the ladders, allow the 
pipes, down the next ladder, (you can save if you want) and across 
the walkway to get to the area where you set the bomb last time.  
Watch as Cloud goes freaky again, sets the bomb and then make your 
way back to long flight of double stairs.  Go up them, ride the 
elevator, get the Ether from the chest and go into the room to the 
left with the three panels.  Working the panels can take a while if 
you don't get your timing right.  Wait a few seconds after Tifa stops 
talking then press O to raise Cloud's arms just before Tifa and 
Barret do.  This should make the door to the right open go through it 
to a Save Point and prepare for the next boss.  Go down the stairs to 
the left then run up the walkway to the T-Junction where Shinra 
soldiers will appear, blocking you in.  Don't worry, you won't have 
to fight them.  President Shinra will appear, talk to you for a while 
then escape on a helicopter, leaving you will a weird, floating 
machine type thing to deal with...

-----Air Buster-----

This boss will separate Cloud from Tifa and Barret, allowing you to 
attack it from both sides.  But this boss will turn to face and 
attack whoever attacks it. This boss is easy if you have been 
levelling up with the guard battles in the sewers.  After you damage 
it enough it will be unable to turn to attack so will just attack 
whoever is behind with a weak machine gun.  It also has a shockwave 
attack that can be quite nasty but fills up Limit gauges.  Also 
whoever has Restore materia can only use it on whoever in on their 
side of the boss, not on the separated ally(ies).  Use Bolt magic and 
Limit Breaks. You will win a Titan Bangle after beating it.

The boss will explode and blow a hole in the walkway, and the bomb 
explosion will send Cloud falling into the slums below.  

-----------------1.5 - MIDGAR SECTOR 5 SLUMS [SL5]-------------------

You will wake up in a church.  Meet and name Aeris after talking to 
her for a while.  Reno (a Turk, a group employed by Shinra) and some 
guards turn up.  Go out the back door, to the right, jump over to the 
stairs, go up them, to the left and jump over the gap.  Aeris will 
fall while trying to escape.  She will be chased by three guards, you 
can choose to make her fight them (a bad idea as Aeris is pretty 
weak), tell her to wait or run.  The best way to do it is to tell her 
to wait, then get Cloud to push the barrels off the roof rafters to 
take out the guards.  The correct order in which to push the barrels 
is left-most at the back, right-most at the back and right-most at 
the front.  If you push the wrong one, Aeris will have to fight the 
guard herself.

After Aeris has got away, she will come up to where Cloud is.  On the 
next screen, go up the rafter that leads out to the roof, (the second 
one) and Cloud and Aeris will talk for a bit. Jump across the roof 
tops and get back to ground level.  Go to the northwest, there is a 
Save Point here, then keep going northwest then north to reach the 
slums.  Go see the guy in the pipe, and you can also buy materia, 
armour and items here. If you are feeling particularly mean, you can 
nick 5 Gil off a sick kid in the top floor of the building on the 
right by looking at the drawer and picking the third option then the 
first option.

Go to the far right to get to Aeris's house.  In the lower level of 
the garden is an Ether and Cover materia.  Go into Aeris's house, 
meet Elmyra, Aeris's mother, answer however you like when Aeris asks 
you a question, then stay the night.  See a flashback in the night 
and when you wake up, check between the bed and desk for a Potion and 
a Phoenix Down.  You need to get downstairs, but you have to walk not 
run, and not touch the walls, if you do Aeris will catch you and make 
you go back to bed.  (you can run when downstairs).  Go outside, and 
keep going to the left, and you'll meet Aeris again. In the next 
screen, go up the brown wooden walkway, along the metal hole filled 
bridge, down the red beam, through the tunnel, round to the left, up 
the wooden pole and down the brown walkway again.  Go up into the 
playground, where Cloud and Aeris will talk again and then when Tifa 
rides past, follow Aeris into the next screen.  Go right and up to 
enter Wall Market.

-----------------------1.6 - WALL MARKET [WM]------------------------

In this part of the game you need to get into Don Corneo's mansion, 
by getting Cloud to dress up as a woman :).  Firstly, go to the right 
to the Honey Bee Inn.  Talk to the grey haired guy outside and choose 
the first option.  Go all the way north to Don Corneo's mansion.  
Talk to the guy outside.  Go back to the first screen and enter the 
clothing shop in the top left, and talk to the woman behind the 
counter.  Go to the second screen and enter the bar on the left 
(where the 'IN' mat is).  Talk to the man sitting on his own at the 
right side of the bar.  To get the best dress, pick the two bottom 
options 'that feels soft' and 'that shimmers'.  Go back to the 
clothing store and see what dress you got, if you picked both bottom 
ones you'll get the Silk Dress; if you chose second, then first 
option, you'll have got the Satin Dress, and if you picked first 
choice then either first or second choice, you'll get the worst 
dress, the Cotton Dress.  Now got to the gym on the right of the 
second screen.  Talk to the person here.  Here, you'll have to do 
squats to compete for the wig.  Don't push the buttons too fast or 
Cloud will get confused and won't be able to keep up.  I suggest you 
practice first. Depending on how many squats you did, depends on what 
wig you get.  If you do more squats than the other guy, you get the 
Blonde Wig.  If you get the same, you'll get a worse wig, and you'll 
get an even worse one of you get less than him.  I'm not sure what 
wig as I've always beaten him and gotten the Blonde Wig.  

You can now return to the clothing store and change into the clothes 
and go to Don Corneo's mansion, but you can also get other items to 
make Cloud more feminine.  If you want the Don to pick Cloud you'll 
need to get the best of the other items, I'll tell you how to get the 
best ones here:

Go back to the first screen, in the top right corner is a hop with a 
guy lazing around in it. Talk to him, then spend a night at the inn.  
In the night, Cloud will get up and examine the vending machine, 
you'll get different items depending on which one you buy from the 
vending machine.  If you buy the one for 50 Gil, you'll get the Glass 
Tiara, if you buy the one for 100 Gil, you'll get the Ruby Tiara and 
if you buy the one for 200 Gil, you'll get the best tiara, the 
Diamond Tiara.

Go to the sushi bar (its the top building in the middle) and buy 
whatever you like for 70 Gil.  When the guy asks you how it was 
answer 'It was all right'.  You'll get a Coupon.  Go to the pharmacy 
(its the middle building in the middle, with the kid outside).  Talk 
to the guy here and exchange the Coupon for an item, for the best 
cologne choose the 'digestive'.  Go back to the bar and give the 
medicine to the guy in the toilet.  In return you'll get the Sexy 

Lastly, talk to the orange guy in white wandering around the bottom 
right of the screen.  You'll get a member's card for the Honey Bee 
Inn.  Talk to the guy at the entrance to get in.  You can listen and 
look through the keyholes of the two rooms on the right, and talk to 
the girls in the room to the north.  You can choose to go in either 
or the two rooms to the left by picking th top option twice.  If you 
choose the top one you'll get the Lingerie, and if you go in the 
bottom one you'll get the Bikini briefs.  Both are good so it doesn't 
matter which one you choose.  If you go in the top one 'The &$#% 
Room', Cloud sees a ghost of himself and goes all freaky, also your 
HP and MP are restored, but they will be full anyway if you slept in 
the inn to get the tiara unless you went outside Wall Market and 
fought.  For going in the top room you get the Lingerie if you talk 
to the girl before she walks away.  If you went into the bottom one 
'The Group Room' you have a bath with Mukki and his buddies, and you 
get the Bikini Pants.

When you're done, go back to the clothing shop, get changed and 
return to Don Corneo's mansion in the far north.  Talk to the guy 
outside and he will let you inside.  After talking the guy here, go 
up the stairs and to the left and down into the basement.  Meet and 
talk to Tifa, then pick up the Ether in the corner by the fire.  Go 
back upstairs and go through the middle room to meet the Don.  He 
will pick either Cloud, Tifa or Aeris.  If you got all the best items 
(the Silk Dress, the Blonde Wig, the Diamond Tiara, the Sexy Cologne 
and either the Bikini Pants or the Lingerie), he will pick Cloud.  He 
will pick Aeris, if you are wearing the Silk Dress, the Blonde Wig, 
the Lingerie and the Sexy Cologne.  He'll pick Tifa in you are 
wearing the Silk Dress, the Blonde Wig and any worse items than the 
ones I mentioned above.

If the Don didn't pick you, and picked either Tifa or Aeris instead, 
you will find yourself in the room that was closed before (on the 
right).  Talk to the guys here and fight them when you reveal 
yourself, then pick up the Phoenix Down by the TV.  When you've 
fought them all (they're pretty easy to beat) go outside.  If Aeris 
was picked, Tifa will be waiting outside.  If Tifa was picked go down 
to the basement and rescue Aeris.  The go back into the Don's room 
and through to the room at the back. 

If the Don picked Cloud, you will end up in the bedroom at the back. 
Look behind the bed for a Hyper and talk to him.  Answer his 
questions however you like and eventually Tifa and Aeris will come in 
and interrogate the Don.  When asked a question, it doesn't matter 
how you answer you will still fall to the sewers below.

----------------------1.7 - MIDGAR SEWERS [MSW]----------------------

Watch the scene at Shinra HQ, and when you wake up you'll find 
yourself in the sewers.  Before talking to Tifa and Aeris, climb up 
the stairs to the south and pick up the Potion.  Now talk to Tifa and 
Aeris.  After a while a boss will attack...


Fire works well on this guy, as does Bolt but to a lesser extent so 
use those as well as the usual Limit Breaks and attacks, this battle 
isn't too tough.  He has a Sewer Tsunami attack that does hit 
everyone but also damages him too, sometimes it will be reverse, as 
in it hits the bad dude first and then your allies, in this case it 
will hurt him more than it will hurt you. If its not in reverse, he 
will jump up and down a bit before casting it. You only get a measly 
Phoenix Down when you win. 

Climb up the ladder and head south and right along the walkway.  
Climb down the ladder here and go across and up the stairs on the 
other side.  Pick up the yellow Steal materia and go down the hatch, 
by picking the top option.  Go south and down the stairs.  You might 
want to push Select to see where to go up on the other side as it is 
kind of hard to see.  Go up the ladder to the right to get up into 
the Train Graveyard.

----------------1.8 - TRAIN GRAVEYARD/PLATE SUPPORT [TRG]------------

You can save at the Save Point if you like.  Go into the nearby train 
by going up the wooden platform, and examine the oil drum to get a 
Hi-Potion.  Go back to where the Save Point and climb up the ladder 
to get the Hi-Potion on top.  Keep going along the top of this train 
until Cloud jumps up onto the white platform, go down to the ground 
and examine the oil drum to the north to get an Echo Screen.  Go in 
between the train on which the white platform is resting and the 
trains at the top, and enter the train to get a Potion.  Go south and 
exit the train, then go up the ladder and down the ladder the other 
side.  Go through the lit up train and pick up a Potion before going 
north to enter the next screen.

Go north and circle around the train then go south to pick up a 
Potion in the corner, circle around the next train car to examine the 
oil drum and get an Ether.  Go north and east from here to the train 
cars that you can move (they look brighter and grainier than the 
background cars).  Get into the horizontal train by entering the door 
on the right.  This will move the vertical train out of the way.  Go 
east and north.  Go up the ladder onto the train and pick up a Hi -
Potion.  Go back down to the ground and enter the train to the north.  
Climb back on top of the train and jump over to the train you've just 
moved.  Run along the white platform, down the ladder and go west to 
the train station and keep going west, until you meet the people 
here, you can buy items from one of the guys here.  You can save the 
game, then go up the stairs.

You can talk to the AVALANCHE members, Biggs and Jessie, who you meet 
on the way up.  Continue up the stairs, until you meet Barret at the 
top.  You've got a boss battle coming up so prepare yourself when 
prompted.  Barret will join you for the battle...


Fire works well on Reno.  He can use a Pyramid attack on one of your 
allies, if he gets this on all three, it's game over.  But to break 
it, just get an ally to attack the imprisoned member, it won't damage 
them.  He also has a attack called Electro-mag rod, which can 
sometimes paralyse the recipient, but it will wear off quite quickly. 
Use magic and Limit Breaks to beat him.  When you have inflicted 
enough damage he will run off and you will get an Ether.

After Reno runs away, Tifa and Cloud will try to fiddle with the 
bomb, then Tseng will turn up with Aeris.  Wait till Barret finds the 
wire and you will escape.  Once the support blows up, you will end up 
in the playground near Wall Market.  Cloud, Tifa and Barret talk for 
a while, then, when you can control Cloud again, go south until Tifa 
and Barret join you, then go back to the previous screen and pick up 
the yellow Sense materia in the corner.  Return to Aeris's house in 
Sector 5.   Talk to Elmyra and learn more about Aeris.  Go upstairs, 
talk to Barret and Marlene, answer however you want and you can go to 
the room next door to sleep.  Go outside and return to Wall Market.

--------------------1.9 - UP TO THE PLATE [PLT]----------------------

You can buy materia from the guy in the shop in the top right, but 
there's isn't anything new.  You can't get back in the Honey Bee Inn 
either.  You can go back to Don Corneo's mansion and pick up any 
items you didn't get before, and free a guy in the basement.  Go to 
the second screen and enter the building on the right.  Talk to the 
guy on the left and buy three batteries for 300 Gil, you'll need 
them.  You can buy weapons from the guy on the right.  Go north a bit 
from here, and you will see some kids run to the right.  Follow them 
and talk to the kid by the wire. Climb up it after talking to Tifa 
and Barret.  Go up the wire until you jump off.  Go south and east 
towards the yellow object to the right.  Put a battery in it.  Head 
up after the propeller has stopped spinning.  Jump down onto the 
track by pressing O.  Put another battery in the box and climb up the 
barrier.  Climb up the wire.  You'll come to a swinging bar, you need 
to press O at the right time to make the jump.  It might take a few 
tries.  Try to jump just as the end of the bar hits the dangling wire 
you climbed up and as the squeaking niose is stopping.  Once you've 
made it go north to the next screen.  Climb up the wire you are on 
until it goes up then down, follow it to drop down.  Put the last 
battery in the box to get an Ether.  Go down a screen and jump onto 
the bar again.  When you get to the next screen again,  just continue 
up, instead of dropping down, go up, then climb down onto the large 
wire and continue up.

---------------------1.10 - SHINRA HEADQUARTERS [SHQ]----------------

There are two ways of entering the Shinra HQ.  You can either go to 
the left and up to climb up the stairs all the way to the top which 
takes aaaaaaaaaages, but you don't have to fight anyone and you can 
pick up an Elixer.  Or you can do through the front door and go up 
the lifts to the north of the second floor.  But you have to fight 
guards on the way up.  I personally prefer going up the lifts as it's 
quicker and you can get EXP for your characters at the same time, and 
you get to see a FMV of some of Shinra Motor Mobiles (talk to the 
people by the TV), if you enter the room called 'Accessories' on the 
second floor. You can buy items from the woman in here.  If you go up 
the lifts, you will ned to press the panel again to continue upwards.  
But it's up to you, whatever route you take you will end up on the 
59th floor.  Go to the south to enter a battle with some more guards.  
After the battle, you will pick up the Keycard 60, which will get to 
the 60th floor.  Go into the lift and rife up to the 60th floor, talk 
to your friends on the way up.  When you arrive, go off the screen 
and go left, avoiding the guards ahead of you, and into the office.  

What you need to do next is to hide behind the gold statues and make 
your way right.  Run when the guards are turning not staying still, 
and pause behind each statue before moving again..  When you get to 
the middle, you'll need to signal Tifa and Barret across, do so when 
the guards are moving like when Cloud crossed.  The guards on the far 
right move faster, so you need to run as soon as they turn.  Again 
signal Tifa and Barret across when Cloud get to the far right.  If 
you are caught by the guards at any point, you will have to fight 
them and then start back at the office.  When you've got all the way 
across go up the stairs.

On the next floor, talk to the people here, and one guy will present 
you with an option, answer '.......', and he'll assume you're a 
repairman , and give you the Keycard 62, allowing you up to the 62nd 
floor.  Go into the lift and go up to the 62nd floor.  You'll meet 
the Mayor of Midgar here, and if you guess his password right, he'll 
give you an Elemental materia, but only if you guess right on the 
first go.  I think there's hints in the libraries and you can buy 
hints off the guy outside (Hart), but I don't think it's worth it.

You can now go to the 63rd, 64th and 65th floors, there is a Save 
Point on the 64th floor, which you may want to use before attempting 
the 63rd floor.  Also on the 64th floor, check the lockers at the 
back to get a Phoenix Down and an Ether.  You can't take the 
megaphone yet.  You can rest in the room with the Save Point too.

On the 63rd floor, there are three coupons which can be exchanged for 
items, and you can only open three doors at a time, before reseting.  
To get all the items first activate the computer.  Then go out the 
door, and go up to the top of the screen and open the door on the 
right, on the last row of gates.  Keep going right until you come to 
a door facing right, and one facing south.  Open the south facing 
door.  Go through and head left and go through the door with the red 
light.  Pick up  'A Coupon'.  Go into the air duct, (the black box 
thing to the right).  Once inside go south and head right.  Go up the 
walkway not right at the junction, drop down and get 'B Coupon'.  Go 
out of the red light door and go left.  Open the door here and go 
inside to get 'C Coupon'.  Go back into the air duct in the room with 
the 'B Coupon' and now go right to drop down in the room with the 
computer.  Activate the computer , and pick the bottom option to 
exchange your coupons.  For 'A Coupon' you get the Star Pendent, for 
the 'B Coupon' you get the Four Slots Braclet and for the 'C Coupon' 
you get an All materia.

Either go back to the 64th floor to save again, or continue to the 
65th floor.  On the 65th floor, you have to open various chests to 
get pieces to fit into the model of Midgar, eventually resulting in 
getting another Keycard.  Be careful, for some odd reason there are 
random battles on this floor, although they are very random.  Firstly 
go into the room to the north with the model in.  You can examine it 
if you want.  Go out and go into the room on the top left.  Examine 
the chest at the bottom to get Midgar Parts.  Go back to the model 
and examine it in a counter-clockwise way until an option appears to 
place the parts in the model.  Go back to the top left room and open 
the other chest, return to the model and place the parts.  Go to the 
bottom left room and open the left chest and return and place the 
parts.  Go back to the lower left room and open the other chest.  
Place the parts and go to the room in the upper right, open the chest 
here and go back to the model.  Finally go to the middle right room 
and pick up the Keycard 66, to get to the 66th floor.

You can either go up the stairs or go back to the lift.  Either way 
go to the toilets to the left of the floor.  Choose the middle option 
when it appears, to climb into the ventilation shaft above the 
conference room.  Move towards the screen and listen to what the 
Shinra executives are talking about.  When they are done, go back the 
way you came and go towards the stairs.  Follow Hojo to the 67th 
floor (nice and convenient that the door stays open as you don't have 
the Keycard to open it yourself).  Go to the left and into the area 
with lots of boxes.  When Cloud goes freaky, look into the purple 
chamber and go north through the boxes.  Pick up the Poison materia 
in the chest and save your game as you've got a boss coming.  Go into 
the lift to the next floor.  Talk to Hojo and free Aeris.  Watch as 
Hojo is attacked and choose who you want to look after Aeris, choose 
whoever you don't intend on fighting with.  Name Red XIII, who will 
replace whoever you chose to protect Aeris, and fight the boss...

-----Sample HO512-----

Use Fire and Bolt, as well as Limit Breaks on the big guy, don't 
bother about the little things, they die when the big one does.  Red 
XIII has Fire already equipped so have him cast that.  Don't use Ice 
or Bio.  This guy likes to poison you characters alot. But if you 
cure yourself, he'll probably just poison you again, so save your 
Antidotes and just Cure every now and then.  I think you'll get a 
Talisman when you win.

Pick up the Enemy Skill's materia in the chamber and go left, south 
and up the stairs.  Talk to the guy in grey to get the Keycard 68.  
Pick up the two Potions on the walkway Go to the right and pick up 
two more Potions. Make your way down a floor and go into one of the 
lifts.  You be caught by Rude and Tseng.  You will then be taken to a 
meeting with President Shinra.  Afterwards you'll find yourself in 
the cells to the north of the 67th floor. 

Talk to everyone here, the choose to sleep by walking towards the 
door after talking to Tifa. When you wake up, you'll find the door to 
your cell is open.  Go outside and examine the guard in the corner.  
Return to your cell and talk to Tifa.  Go outside and talk to her 
again.  Go and free Barret and Red XIII.  Follow them and talk to 
everyone here.  Go back to the area with the boxes and talk to Red 
XIII.  Follow him upstairs.  Go right, and north and go up to the 
next floor using the stairs (follow the blood trail).  Go through the 
centre door and save.

Go up the stairs on either side and go right to see that President 
Shinra has been killed.  Listen to what Palmer says, talk to everyone 
and go through the door to the north to get to the roof.  Listen to 
Rufus's speech and then Cloud orders everyone to leave.  On the lower 
floor, Tifa stays behind to wait for Cloud.  Your team is now Barret, 
Red XIII and Aeris.  You can either remove Tifa and Cloud's materia 
or leave it as it is.  I suggest removing it then re-equiping the 
team you have with Bolt, Fire and other magic spells.  Leave your 
Cure materia for Cloud, as you can use Aeris's Limit Breaks to heal.  
Go south and enter the lift.  You will be attacked by a boss...

-----Hundred Gunner-----

In this battle you can only use long range attacks so have Barret 
attack.  You should have equipped Bolt and Fire to your characters so 
use those.  Red XIII and Aeris can't reach, so have them use magic, 
or heal with Limit Breaks in Aeris's case and Potion's otherwise.  
Red XIII can use his Limit Breaks to attack also.  Don't use Bio.  
After you inflict enough damage, the boss will begin to break up, and 
after wards will begin to use more powerful attacks.  After you 
defeat this boss, another will appear....

-----Heli Gunner-----

Use the same tactic as the previous boss, use Thunder, have Barret 
attack and Aeris heal.  You'll win a Mythril Armlet when you win.

After the battle, you'll find yourself on the roof again with Cloud, 
you can remove materia from everyone else if you like.  Equip Cure 
and Poison and any other strong magic.  When you are done, press 
Start and Rufus and Cloud will talk for a while, when you and Rufus 
will fight...


Use Bio to poison him, and use Bolt to kill off the Dark Nation 
first.  The Barrier makes your physical attacks not as damaging so 
use magic instead.  Your Limit Break will fill quite quickly so use 
that.  You'll win a Protect Vest and Guard Source when you win.

----------------------------1.11 - ESCAPE [ESC]----------------------

Go downstairs and save.  Talk to Tifa.  You will switch back to 
controlling Aeris so try to go out the front door, to find you're 
surrounded.  You will talk for a while, then watch the kick-ass FMV.  
Afterwards you'll play a mini-game in which Cloud must protect the 
van by swiping the oncoming motorbikes with his sword.  Press Square 
to attack left and O to attack right.  Before starting, form your 
party and equip yourself with Bolt, Ice and Cure/All materia.  During 
the mini-game there is a gauge showing how much health everyone has, 
as the van gets attacked their HP will go down.  At the end of the 
mini-game you'll fight at large machine boss...

-----Motor Ball-----

This boss with get the first attack from behind, but if at the start 
of the battle you hold L1 and R1 as if trying to escape you will turn 
around at the back attack won't be a back attack any more so you will 
take less damage.  Also your characters will only have as much health 
as they had left after being attacked in the mini-game.  If a 
character was killed in the mini-game they will start this battle 
with 1 HP, and as the boss gets the first attack, they will need to 
be revived.  Use Bolt and Ice on the boss, and be careful of it's 
flame attacks (Twin Burner) if you are at a low level, so have 
someone with Cure/All to heal your party.

After the battle, your characters will talk for a while, you'll find 
yourself at a screen you could have seen but not accessed if you went 
south from Aeris's church.  Talk to everyone here and go south to 
enter the world map.  You can now save anywhere on the World Map.  
You can either fight around here to level up, which I suggest or go 
straight to Kalm.  Head east from Midgar and you should see a town 
nearby.  Enter.  You can buy materia, weapons and items here.  When 
your done, go into the inn.

---------------------------1.12 - KALM [KLM]-------------------------

Talk to the receptionist, and then go upstairs to meet your friends.  
Talk to them to here Cloud talk about his past in flashbacks.  You'll 
find yourself in the back of a truck with other Shinra soldiers and 
Sephiroth.  He and Cloud will talk for a while, then you will be 
attacked by a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge dragon.  Don't worry if Cloud dies, 
Sephiroth can kill it in two hits.  After the battle, the scene will 
switch back to Kalm, then return to Nibelhiem.  Talk to the guards 
and then Sephiroth.  Go north.  When Sephiroth leaves you can talk to 
the guard and the kid.  You can visit Cloud's house on the right and 
Tifa's house next to his (has double doors).  Go to her room and 
Cloud will play a tune on her piano if you choose the bottom option.  
You need to play this tune when you visit Nibelhiem later to get 
Tifa's Level 4 Limit Break Manual.  When you are done looking around 
go back to the inn.  Talk to Sephiroth twice and pick the bottom 
option.  In the morning talk to Sephiroth and you'll have your 
picture taken with Sephiroth and Tifa.  You'll then make your way up 
to the Mt.Nibel reactor.  Cross the bridge and talk to Tifa.  After 
falling, go north east into the cave.  Keep heading north.  You'll 
come to a Mako fountain, you will talk here for a bit, then 
eventually arrive at the Mako Plant.  Go up the stairs.  Once in the 
plant, go across the wires and down the chains.  Follow Sephiroth 
into the chamber room.  Talk to him and examine the chamber to the 
left at the bottom.  Talk to Sephiroth again to look inside the 
chamber.  After Sephiroth goes craaaaaaaazy and the monster breaks 
out, the scene will switch back to Kalm.  You can choose to save your 
game or continue.  Choose whatever you like and then Cloud will 
continue.  Back in Nibelhiem, Cloud will enter the mansion.  Go up 
the stairs, and right.  Talk to the guard and go through the door in 
the corner and down the spiral stair way.  Go south and right to the 
library and talk to Sephiroth.  Leave after he is done.  After Cloud 
wakes up go back to the library.  Talk to Sephiroth and return to the 
town.  Talk to Zangan and enter Cloud's house.  Watch the really cool 
FMV and  you'll find yourself back in the Mako Plant.  Make your way 
to the chamber room.  Examine Tifa to move her out the way then go 
into the room Sephiroth went into to see another cool FMV.  After 
Cloud challenges Sephiroth, the scene will cut back to Kalm.  After 
you leave the inn, you can go get an Ether in the house next the inn 
(its behind the door under the stairs) and another Ether in the chest 
on the second floor of the house next to the previous house (in the 
cupboard).  There's also a Peacemaker gun in the thrid house along,  
up the curving stairs to the north.  Also in this house, in the 
cupboard next to the girl on the second floor (go up the other 
stairs) is a Guard Source.  There's another Ether under the stairs of 
the house on the right side of the town.

When you've got everything exit the town and keep going east until 
you come across some lighter grass and enter Chocobo Farm.

-----------------------1.13 - CHOCOBO FARM [CHO1]--------------------

When you enter the farm, there is a Chocobo standing next to the pen 
fence.  Talk to it and reply 'Wark' and the Chocobo's will dance :).  
Afterwards you'll recieve the Choco/Mog materia.  Go into the house 
on the left and talk to the guy here.  You can rest in the room with 
the beds fro 100 Gil.  Go into the barn on the right and talk to the 
kid in here (Choco Billy).  From him, you can learn how to catch a 
Chocobo, but eventually you will need to pick the bottom option and 
buy a Chocobo Lure off him for 2000 Gil.  You should probably buy 
some Greens off him as well.  Go out of the farm and equip someone 
with the Chocobo Lure.  There are Chocobo tracks outside the farm on 
the lighter grass.  Catch a chocobo by wandering around on the tracks 
until you enter a battle with a Chocobo and other enemies.  You must 
never attack the Chocobo or it will run away so don't attack with 
magic paired with All.  You will need to kill the enemies quickly or 
the Chocobo will get scared and run off.  If you bought Greens you 
should throw them to the Chocobo by selecting them off the Item list.  
This will distract them while you attack the enemies.  When you have 
killed all the enemies and the Chocobo is still there, you will have 
caught the Chocobo.  After the battle you will be riding the Chocobo 
on the World Map.

There is a marsh near the Chocobo farm, look around with the camera 
to see it, it looks grey and green.  Use the Chocobo to cross the 
marsh and avoid the large snake in the marsh, the Midgar Zolem.  If 
the snake does touch your Chocobo you will have to fight it.  I 
strongly suggest trying to avoid the snake as it is very tough at 
this stage in the game.  Eventually you will get to the other side of 
the marsh; ride into the cave on your Chocobo, you will see a large 
snake on a spike.  Go north, dismount and enter the cave.

------------------1.14 - MYTHRIL MINE/FORT CONDOR [MMFC]-------------

Head north east onto another screen. Go up the steps and pick up the 
Ether to the right and the Tent in the chest.  Climb up the brown 
vine on the left hand side.  Pick up the pink Long Range materia.  Go 
back down the vine and go back to the entrance.  Go east and south 
under the arch.  Go right to a chest with a Mind Source in.  Go back 
to the arch and go left and up to the next screen.  You meet the 
Turks, Rude, Elena and Tseng.  When they leave go north, not up the 
vines.  Get the Elixer in the chest and the Hi-Potion on the floor.  
Go back to where you meet the Turks, climb up the vines and go out 
the door.

You'll be back on the World Map. Go forward to see an area of brown 
land.  Keep going and you'll see a structure will a golden bird on 
top.  This is Fort Condor.  Talk to the man here.  He'll tell you 
where Junon is, and if you choose the bottom option, he'll let you 
inside.  You can rest and save in the room to the right (go down the 
rope) and to the north east there are Materia and Item shops 
(although there's nothing new).  Talk to everyone but I don't think 
you should give loads of money to these people as you should save it 
for weapons and such, as you don't need to go here to continue in 
your quest.  To use the Materia and Item shops you need to talk to 
the man at the table and say you will help them, if you don't the 
people won't sell you anything.  When you are done return to the 
World Map.

Head towards the forests to the north-west(You can also fight Yuffie 
in these forests - See Side Quests).  Go through them towards a brown 
hill near the coast.  There is a big gun sticking out towards the 
sea.  This is Junon, enter it.

--------------------------1.15 - JUNON [JUN1]------------------------

Talk to the people here then make your way left and go down the 
stairs.  Meet Priscilla and Mr. Dolphin :).  After talking to her, 
you will be attacked by a flying boss...


Use Bolt, Bio and Fire magic attacks.  Some characters can't attack 
it so have them cast magic instead.  This boss can put a bubble on a 
character that slowly reduces their HP.  To destroy the bubble you 
must cast a magic spell on it.  If you have a magic spell linked with 
All, you can attack the boss and the bubble at the same time.  You 
should keep your HP up as this boss can create a wave attack (Big 
Wave) before it dies.

After killing the boss, you will need to revive Priscilla by using 
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  Fill your lungs by pressing Square and 
when the marker gets to the top of the lung symbol press Square again 
to breathe into Priscilla.  It will take a few tries.  Go into the 
house near the entrance on the left.  Talk to the woman in front of 
the door.  Choose the bottom option to rest.  Cloud will have a 
freaky dream and when you wake up go outside to meet with your 
friends.  Talk to them then go up the set of wooden stairs.  You find 
that Priscilla is OK, and she will give you the Shiva materia in 
return for saving her life.  Follow her back to the beach.  Talk to 
her and you'll have to get the dolphin to jump you up to the tower, 
by calling it with Square.  If you choose the middle option and don't 
move, just press Square where you are, the dolphin will launch you 
but you will miss.  However if you call the dolphin again, you will 
be deposited in just the right place.  Go to the left and climb up 
the wire.  You will see a cutscene of the Highwind.  Once up top, go 
south, towards the screen.  Go left and down, until you get to a 
yellow box.  Examine it and it will take you down to the next floor.  
Go south through the arch.  You will be in hallway, some soldiers 
will run past and an officer will spot you and make you change into a 
Shinra uniform.  Go into the room to the north and examine the locker 
at the end.  Choose to change, and some guards will come in.  They 
will show you how to march, choose the bottom option to stop them.  
There is a Save Point in the corridor to the right.  I suggest you 
save.  Follow the soldiers when you are done.  Watch the FMV of 
Junon.  In the next event, you will need to sneak into the row of 
soldiers and march with them.  You will also need to move your gun 
with O in time with the other soldiers.  Depending on how high the TV 
ratings were will depend on what you will get at the end.  You will 
end up marching with the other soldiers in front of Rufus and 
Heidegger.  When they leave you will find out Sephiroth has been here 
and you will find yourself in the locker room.  You will practise the 
next event and choose the bottom option when you are done.  Now you 
can look around Junon and buy various weapons, items materia etc from 
the shops here.  In the last building on the left, in the basement, 
(talk to the guy to the right on the first floor) there is a room 
where you can learn about various parts of the game in more detail.  
On the second floor of this building is a 1/35 Soldier and a Mind 
Source.  There is a Luck Source in the room with the kittens.  There 
is a Power Source and a Guard Source on the top floor.  In the other 
side of the town, in the third entrance along there is a Speed Source 
in the room with the lazy soldier.  There's a 1/35 Soldier on the top 
floor.  Go all the way to the far side of town and you will meet up 
with the other soldiers and the officer.  You will now have to 
perform for Rufus, using the various buttons on the controller.  
Listen to the officer and push the relevant buttons.  At the end face 
forward and press any button to perform the final salute.  You will 
receive an item depending on how many points you got.  for 0 - 50 
Points you will get Silver Edge Glasses, for 60 - 90 Points you will 
get a HP Source and for 100 - 190 Points you will get a Force 
Stealer.  After wards, if you try to go out the door you will be 
stopped by Red XIII, and will board the boat.

------------------------1.16 - CARGO SHIP [CSH]---------------------

Go to the left and open the chest to get an Ether, and the All 
materia if you don't have Yuffie, but I think if you do have her, you 
can get to the materia, you might be able to get it if you answer the 
bottom option.  Anyway, talk to everyone here, especially Red XIII on 
the deck :).  A guy in white on the deck, not the one running around 
will sell you Potions and Phoenix Downs and some rejuvenating drink.  
There is a Save Point near Red.  Go back down below and talk to Aeris 
again.  You can now sneak to the front of the ship and check out 
Barret in his sailor suit :)!!.  Talk to him a few times and the 
alarms will sound.  Go back to the main deck area, and you will talk 
to your friends for a bit, then choose you party.  Equip Quake, Fire 
and Ice magic, as well as Shiva and any other good materia you have.  
Save at the Save Point in the northern part of the deck.  Go down 
below and you can now pick up the All materia that Yuffie was 
blocking before.  Go into the door to the north and make your way up 
the ladder to the left and go across the walkway to get a Wind Slash 
from the chest.  Go back down the ladder and talk to the officer in 
red.  You'll find out he's dead, and Sephiroth will appear and summon 
a version of Jenova for you to fight....

-----JENOVA BIRTH----- 

Primarily use Quake, Fire and Ice magic, as well as Limit Breaks.  
This boss has some nasty attacks such as Tail Laser, and W-Laser 
which hits twice (obviously!).  Keep your HP up, and only use 
physical attacks if you are low on MP.  Jenova can cast Stop on a 
character so don't rely on a character too much.  You'll get a White 
Cape when you win.

After the battle you party will talk, and Cloud will try to explain 
the situation.  Your party will leave and the ship will dock at Costa 
de Sol.

-----------------------1.17 - COSTA DE SOL [CDS]---------------------

You will exit the ship and your friends will talk for a while.  When 
they all leave go southeast to the next screen.  The Shinra 
helicopter will show up and Rufus and Heidegger will get out.  They 
will talk for a bit, then the scene will switch back to Cloud.  Go 
over the bridge and down the stairs.  Go all the way right and down 
the stairs to the beach.  You can talk to Hojo here but you won't get 
anything amazingly wonderful out of it.  In the building to the right 
of the bridge, there is a Power Souce and a Motor Drive in the 
basement to the right.  There is also a Fire Ring in the chest.  You 
can meet Mukki in the Bar if you REALLY want to.  Go under the bridge 
to get to the world map.

Go towards the mountains in the southwest.  There's a path running 
through them, go over it.  At the end of the path, you'll see a cave 
to the left.  Go up the path and talk to the guy here.  Go north 
towards the light.  Keep going north until you get to a Mako Reactor.  
Don't go inside just keep going south down the stairs.  Go down the 
train tracks, there's a Save Point here.  At certain points the track 
will break and will you can press O to jump over the gap, don't.  
While falling hold left or right and keep hitting O.  Depending on 
which way you fall you'll get a different item.  If you fall left, 
you'll get a Wizard Staff.  If you fall right you'll get a Star 
Pendant, you don't get anything if you fall in the middle.  You get 
three chances to fall down, so try to get all the items.  There's one 
on the lower track, one on the top to the left and another to the 
right of the gap.  There is a W Machine Gun to the left of the top 
gap and a Turbo Ether and a Transform Materia to the right of the top 
gap.  Go on the top track to the right and on the next screen your 
friends should be on the lower track.  If they're not there you need 
to go back, go down the lower track and call them with the PHS.  Keep 
going right and go inside the shed and choose the top option.  Go 
down a bit until you hear birds chirping and climb up the wall.  
Choose the top option and you'll fight a Cokatolis which is just 
incredibly easy so just attack it and you'll get 10 Phoenix Downs.

Go back the way you came and go down to the lower track and over the 
bridge.  Follow the track.  Go to the left, then down.  Keep going 
left until you come to a cave.  You can get a Tent, Mind Source and a 
Power Source here.  Go back up to the track.  Keep going south along 
the REALLY long bridge.  Eventually you will end up in North Corel.

------------------1.18 - NORTH COREL/GOLD SAUCER [GLD1]--------------

When you enter some people will talk to Barret.  You can buy weapons, 
Materia and items here although they're not very good and you need 
3000 Gil to enter the Gold Saucer which is where you're going next.  
You can stay in the inn to the north.  Go left to Ropeway Station.  
This will take you to the Gold Saucer.  You will talk to your friends 
and learn more about Barret's past before boarding.  When you get to 
the Gold Saucer you'll see a Save Point to the left but you can't use 
unless you have GP.  Talk to the woman at the IN sign and pay 3000 
Gil to enter.  You'll talk to your team for a while.  Talk to one 
person who you want in your team, you can only have one at this 
point.  Go to the Wonder Square and you'll meet Cait Sith.  watch him 
tell your fortune which goes completely wrong apart from the ladt 
reading.  He'll then join your team.  He has two Materia, Manipulate 
and Transform.  Now go to the Battle Square and find the guard's been 

You'll talk to the woman behind the desk and some guards and Dio will 
show up and accuse you of killing everyone.  You'll run inside the 
Battle Square and will be ambushed by some robots.  Don't worry, you 
won't have to fight them.  You'll be caught then chucked through the 
'Gateway to Heaven' which lands you straight in jail.  You'll find 
Barret and talk to him for a bit.  Go through the gate.

------------------1.19 - COREL PRISON/CHOCOBO RACES [CPR]------------

If you stand still too long a weird freaky man will follow you.  VERY 
annoying.  There's a Save Point and you can talk to people here if 
you want.  Eventually go into the house on the right where the 
strange man will leave you alone (yay!).  Barret will come in and 
everyone else will too.  You'll see a flashback from four years ago 
in which Barret's best friend gets his arm shot off.  Now you have to 
choose your team.  I suggest you save at the Save Point before you 
leave.  You'll notice that the man following you has gone, I think he 
was the one that Barret shot :)  Go north through the gate and then 
go through the other gate to the left.  When you get to the next 
gate, go through the gate to the right to where the man is and keep 
going north or if you get fed up going north go right until you reach 
a line of rocks or a junkyard.  When you get to the line of rocks go 
right.  When you're at the junkyard equip Barret with Restore and 
your best Magic and Summon Materia as you will have to fight with 
only Barret.  Go north and you'll talk to Dyne.  You'll find out he 
was injured and also got a gun grafted onto his arm.  You'll have to 
fight him...  


Let him attack you with his gun as it will make your Limit Bar fill 
up quickly, and use Cure when you have to.  Hit him with your Limit 
Break when it's full and use your best summon (Choco/Mog can paralyse 
him sometimes) to inflict more damage.  He can pull off a big attack 
before dying so keep your HP up.  You'll win a Silver Armlet.  

After Dyne kills himself you'll find yourself back at the prison 
talking to Mr. Coates.  You'll need to win the upcoming Chocobo Race 
to get out of prison.  After you've taken the lift, you can find the 
Summon Ramuh Materia in the corner by the poster.  Talk to Ester when 
she comes and you will participate in the Chocobo Race.

You can either do Automatic or Manual.  If using Manual, hold R1, R2 
and this will make your dash meter regenerate which will let you dash 
(O) more often.  If you can't win on Manual, use Automatic and you 
should win eventually although it's pretty easy to win on Manual.

When you come in first place you'll get a buggy which lets you go 
over shallow rivers.  Come out of the desert bit and you'll see a 
shallow river nearby.  Go over it, and eventually you'll see a black 
structure in a forest.  Get out of the buggy and enter it.  Go 
forward a bit and you'll see the Turks, Reno and Rude.  They'll talk 
for a bit and then you'll have to fight Reno and Rude together.  
Answer however you like when they ask you a question and you'll enter 
the battle...

-----Reno and Rude-----

Use your best Summoning and Magic to inflict damage on the Turks.  
You should concentrate your attacks on one or the other as when you 
inflict enough damage on one the other will leave.  You can poison 
them with Bio.  Rude can heal them both, and Reno can inflict more 
damage so decide accordingly.  You'll win a Fairy Tale when you're 

Go northeast to the burnt out Mako Reactor.  Scarlet and Tseng will 
arrive and talk about Huge Materia.  When they leave check around the 
edge of the reactor and when an option appears choose the bottom one 
to get the Titan Materia.  Go back to where you met Reno and Rude and 
go west.  Keep going west at the junction to get Deathblow Materia.  
If you keep going down this pathway you'll end up in the world map so 
go back to the junction, not the one where you found the Turks, and 
head north.  You'll reach Gongaga Town.

----------------1.20 - GONGAGA TOWN/COSMO CANYON [COS1]--------------

You can buy Materia, accessories and items in various buildings.  
There's also an inn with an X-Potion in a chest.  In the building to 
the far north there is a White M-Phone in a chest.  Go into the 
building in the far south to hear about a guy named Zack.  Leave the 
town and go back to the world map.  Get in the buggy and go around 
the forest and over the shallow river until you see some red 
mountains and the sky will darken.  Your buggy will breakdown and 
you'll be forced to go into the building in the mountains which is 
Cosmo Canyon.  Then talk to the guy.  If Red is in your team he'll 
come out and show himself, if not he'll run up the stairs.  There is 
an inn and various shops such as a weapons and item shop.    If you 
come back to Cosmo Canyon in Disc 2 or 3 and enter the item shop the 
red cord will be gone and you can pick up a Full Cure Materia, Magic 
Source and Elixir.  Make your way up the stairs to the left and talk 
to Red.  Go up the stairs and there's a Save Point here.  Go up the 
stairs and left, go up the outside stairs and into the cave.  Climb 
up the ladder to Bugenhagen's observatory (go through the door to the 
left, press Select if you can't see the door).  Talk to Red XIII and 
Bugenhagen for a while.  You will need to make a new party, so go 
talk to whoever you want in your party, they will be in various 
loactions in Cosmo Canyon.  When you have your party go back to the 
observatory.  You will see a short cutscene, where you can learn 
about the Planet and the Lifestream.  

When it is over, return to the bonfire to meet with your friends.  
Talk to everyone here.  Eventually Bugenhagen will come and talk to 
Red XIII.  You will need to take one other person with you as you 
have to take Red XIII.  Go up to the top level , where the ladder was 
to enter the observatory.  Talk to Bugenhagen and he will open the 
door.  Go through the door and climb down the ladders and ropes until 
you get to the bottom where you should head right.  There are caves 
in here that if you go inside you will be given an option.  Ignore 
the first two caves unless you want to fight the enemies that are 
inside (if you choose the top option).  Go to the cave to the north 
east and go inside. Pick the top option.  A new door will appear.  Go 
through it.

Go north and west.  There is oil on the floor.  Don't run on it as 
you will go sliding into a spiked wall, reducing everyone's HP by 
500.  Just walk on it instead.  Go south from where the oil is to get 
to the previous screen and pick up the Added Effect materia.  Return 
to the other screen and go right and up, and then left and down the 
stairs to get a Black M-Phone.  Go back up and through the arch and 
get the Ether in the chest.  Go up the stairs and head north.  Go to 
the next screen and go through the tunnel fourth from the left.  If 
you hit the spider web, you will be attacked by a large spider, they 
are pretty easy to beat, although their Sting Bomb attack can take 
off quite a bit of health and you have to fight them to continue.  At 
the end you will get a X-Potion in the chest.  Go back and go through 
the second tunnel to the right, and fight the spiders.  If you run 
against the left side wall before the door you will go through a 
secret passageway and pick up the Turbo Ether in the chest.  Go back 
through the passageway and go through the door at the top.  You will 
talk for a bit, and then the statue will start to move and you will 
fight a boss....

-----Gi Nattak-----

There is a very easy way to kill this boss. As it is undead, curing 
items will hurt it so simply use an X-Potion to kill it in one go.  
But if you don't wanna do that, just use Summon materia and Limit 
Breaks on the main guy, don't worry about the fire guardians that he 
has with him.  You can also use Ice and Bolt magic.  You will win a 
Wizer Staff when you kill him.

Pick up the Gravity materia on the ground and follow Red XIII to the 
next screen.  You will learn about Red's father here, and you will be 
back at bonfire.  Make a new party and try to leave.  Red XIII will 
come and join you again.  Leave Cosmo Canyon and get in the buggy 
which is now fixed.  Go past Cosmo Canyon and go over the shallow 
river and you should see some spiky mountains in the distance.  Get 
out of the buggy and enter the town of Nibelhiem.

--------------------------1.21 - NIBELHIEM [NIB1]--------------------

When you enter the town, Cloud will see that Nibelhiem has seemingly 
been rebuilt, despite that he remembers it being burnt down.  Firstly 
go into the inn, and enter the room at the back on the first floor.  
Talk to the black creature here to get a Luck Source.  In the 
building to the right of the inn is an item shop, and another black 
creature with an Elixer in the furnace room.  Go to Tifa's house, and 
get the Turbo Ether off the creature at the back of the room on the 
first floor.  You can play on the piano in Tifa's room if you like, 
and read the letter on Tifa's desk as well.  In the building to the 
right of Tifa's house on the top floor you can get a Luck Source from 
the creatures in the attic.

When you have got all the items, go into the mansion.  You can get 
Vincent now if you want (See Side Quests).  There is an Enemy 
Launcher in the chest near the room with the safe in, and if you go 
through the northern door, under the stairs there is a Twin Viper in 
the room to the right and up.  Go to the right of the top of the 
stairs to get a Magic Source in the chest in the room to the north.  
Eventually make your way down to the basement.  Go towards the back 
room and you'll meet Sephiroth again.  He will talk of the Reunion 
and when he leaves, he will throw the Destruct materia at you.  Pick 
it up and leave the mansion.  Go north to leave to the world map.

-------------------------1.22 - MT. NIBEL [NIB2]---------------------

Go north through the mountains until you enter the mountain path up 
to Mt.Nibel.  You should remember this place from Cloud's flashback.  
Follow the path until it splits.  Take the north spiralling path to 
get a Rune Blade.  Go back to the path and continue following it.  
Before the bridge, you can follow the other path to eventually get a 
Platinum Barretta.  Go back to the bridge and cross it.  You'll come 
to a set of tunnels, go down the ladder and free the ladder that is 
folded.  Go back up and go down the tunnel numbered '2'.  At the end 
is a Powersoul.  Jump off the ledge and use the Save Point if you 
like.  Climb back up to the top where the tunnels start and now go 
down the one numbered '4'.  You'll get an All materia in the chest 
here.  You can now fight the boss, or go out the passageway next to 
the boss, and follow the path to go outside, then drop down to the 
lower ledge and enter the cave and take the right hand path.  Work 
youe way south west and go through the small hole.  Go up, left then 
down to get to a chest with an Elixer in.  Go out the exit to get to 
a wooded area.  There is an Elemental materia on the ground to the 
left.  Keep going north, then right, up as far as you can go, then 
left to get a Sniper CR.  Go back and take the right most passage, 
this goes south and leads you outside.  From here go left until you 
get to the Mako Plant in Cloud's flashback.  Go past it to the door 
set in the rock face.  This will lead you back to the area with the 
tunnels.  Head to the bottom and examine the blue bird-like creature 
to enter the boss battle...

-----Materia Keeper-----

This boss can use an attack called Trine, so you should learn it if 
you have Enemy Skill materia equipped.  You should Haste to start off 
and make sure you have Cure/All equipped.  The boss can heal himself 
too.  Try to use physical attacks and save the MP's to cure yourself.  
You can poison it as well.  Just stick to Limit Breaks and physical 
attacks, you can use Summons as well to inflict more damage.  You'll 
get a Jem Ring when you win.

Pick up the Counter materia that's left behind and go down the path 
that the boss was blocking.  Follow it until you reach the World Map.  
Circle around the mountain until you see a town in the distance.  
Make your way towards it.

--------------------------1.23 - ROCKET TOWN [RT]--------------------

There is a weapon shop on the left and an inn on the right when you 
enter.  There is a Power Source in the room to the bottom right.  If 
you talk to the old guy a few times and choose the top option to look 
at the rocket, he will give you the Yoshiyuki.  Be sure to get the 
Barrier materia in the shop next to the old man.  When you have 
bought weapons, rested etc, go into the house to the top right.  
There is a Drill Arm in one of the rooms in a chest.  Go out back to 
see the Tiny Bronco.  Shera will turn up and when she leaves, exit 
the house and go north towards the rocket.  Go over the bridges, up 
the stairs and ladder and go right to enter the rocket.  Talk to the 
guy in here (Cid) and name him.  When options appear, choose any one 
you want buy you will need to ask the top option to continue.  Go 
back to Cid's house when you are done and talk to Shera.  Cid will 
turn up and when he leaves, Shera will explain about what happened 
with the rocket, flashback style.  When the FMV finishes,  Cid will 
come back and Palmer will arrive.  Go outside to find that Rufus 
wants the Tiny Bronco.  Shera will make you go inside and then go out 
back to where the Tiny Bronco is.  You'll find Palmer trying to nick 
it, so talk to him and then you will fight him...


Use Haste/All and Slow Palmer if you have learnt it, or use Choco/Mog 
summon.  His Mako Gun can attack with Ice, Fire and Bolt so watch 
out.  Use good summons and Limit Breaks and Palmer will be run over 
:) in no time.  You'll get an Edincoat when you win.

Your party and Cid will now jump on the Tiny Bronco as it flies away, 
but in it's escape it gets damaged and you will have to make an 
emergency landing in the sea.

You will now use the Tiny Bronco as transport but it can only go in 
shallow water and rivers.  To get out you must land on a beach.  At 
this point in the game you can do a few things, such as Yuffie's side 
quest as Wutai has some good items.  Also go to the northern 
continent and visit the Bone Village in one of the forests on the 
southern part of the continent.  They have some good armlets for sale 

When you want to continue in your journey, go to the area where the 
Gold Saucer is.  You can go through the shallow river on the west 
side of the west continent.  There is a lone house near here.  Go 
inside and talk to the guy here to find you will need a Keystone to 
get into the Temple of the Ancients.  He will tell you Dio from the 
Gold Saucer has it.  Get out the Tiny Bronco and go to North Corel 
and take the ropeway up the Gold Saucer.

-------------------1.24 - GOLD SAUCER REVISITED [GLD2]---------------

Buy a ticket and go to the Battle Square.  Head to the right and go 
into 'Dio's Show Room'.  Examine the Keystone and Dio will turn up.  
Choose the top option and he will offer to give you the Keystone if 
you enter the Battle Square battles.  You will have to fight with 
only Cloud and now matter when you lose or win, you will still get 
the Keystone.  At the end of each battle, you will have to stop a 
slot machine.  This has various effects of you, such as stops you 
using Summon materia, or give you a status change or restore your HP.  
Whatever changes occur, they will stay for all the battles.  When you 
have the Keystone, try to leave the Gold Saucer to find the ropeway 
is broken.  Cait Sith will turn up and you will be at the Hotel.  You 
will talk to your friends a while, then you'll be in your room.

At this point, Cloud will go on a date with someone, it's usually 
Aeris, but it can be Tifa, Yuffie or Barret.  Firstly you'll go to 
the Event Square and as you are the 100th couple, you will take part 
in the play.  Choose any of the options while in the play.  Next you 
will go to the Round Square, and go on the gondola.  When your date 
talks look in a direction to see an FMV.  When you get off, you will 
see Cait Sith wandering around.  You will chase him around.  He will 
go to the Battle Square, then the Speed Square, then the Wonder 
Square.  Go behind the yellow bird to find Cait Sith hiding very 
badly behind it.  He will then go to the Chocobo Square.  Chase him 
outside and see him throw the Keystone to Tseng in the Shinra 
helicopter.  You'll find he has taken Marlene hostage.  You'll find 
yourself back in your room at the Hotel.  Examine the cabinet to get 
an Elixer.  Exit your room to meet with your friends, and then Aeris 
will become a permanent member of your team.  Pick another party 
member and leave the hotel.  Go back to the Station and leave Gold 
Saucer.  Head back to where you left the Tiny Bronco.  Go to the far 
southern continent, by going through the shallow river and going anti 
clockwise around the western continent, and then anti-clockwise 
around the eastern continent.  You should see a brown stair like 
temple surrounded by a forest on one of the islands, go around the 
back of it to reach a beach.  Leave the Tiny Bronco here and enter 
the temple.

-------------------1.25 - TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENTS [ANC1]--------------

Go across the bridge and up the stairs.  Examine the black creature 
at the top of the stairs, then enter.  You will see Tseng here and he 
will give you the Keystone back.  Examine the stone altar in the 
middle to put the Keystone in and enter the temple itself.  

The layout of the temple is pretty confusing so from where you 
entered go up, left, up and down the stairs.  Go into the opening 
above you, right and down the vines.  Go under the stairs to reach a 
chest with a Trident inside.  Keep going right and down the stairs.  
Climb the vines here, go left past the opening (which you can't go 
into yet) and up the stairs nearby.  The old man in blue will run 
away.  Climb up the vines after him and pick up the Mind Source here.  
Go down the stairs and enter the room the man went into.  Get the 
Silver Rifle from the chest and talk to the man.  Talk to him again 
to buy items, rest and save your game.  When you are done, go back 
outside, up the stairs and down the vines.  Now go down.  You arrive 
near a green item, it's a Turbo Ether.  Go down the long set of 
stairs, go left and down the smaller set of stairs.  Go to the left 
again, down the vines and pick up the Rocket Punch in the chest.  
Down the stairs again and up the vines.  Go up the stairs, through 
the arch and down the stairs (go right).  Climb up the vines here.  
Go under the stairs to get the Lucky Plus materia.  Go back down the 
vines, and through the archway.  Down the stairs and to the left.  Go 
through the arches here to get to a room with boulders rolling by.  
To get past them you need to time your movements so that you are in 
the hollow arch when the boulders roll by.  When you get to pool, 
pick up the Morph materia here and continue right.  Once you get to 
the pool, if you get hit by a boulder, you will only have to restart 
at the pool not at the beginning. At the end,  Aeris will go back to 
the pool.  You will talk to her for a while and then you will see a 
flashback of Tseng and Elena looking a wall with murals on.  
Sephiroth shows up, and makes a double of himself (very freaky!).  
Sephiroth's double will descend on the pool, then fly away.  Go to 
the right, and you can rest and save at the old man here.  Go south.

There is a talking clock here, and you need to align it's hands with 
various passageways.  I suggest first pressing Triangle to move the 
hands yourself, then you can make the minute hand move anticlockwise 
with Triangle, and clockwise with O.  You start off at passageway X 
so move the long hand to passageway IIII, and press X.  You'll get 
Aeris's Ultimate Weapon, the Princess Guard in the chest here.  Go 
back to the clock, and keep moving the hand until the hour hand 
reaches passage IIII, which is where you are.  Line the other hand up 
to passage VII and press X.  You'll get the Trumpet Shell here.  Go 
back to the clock, and move the hands so that one is at passage VII 
and one at VIII.  Get the Megalixer in the chest and return to the 
clock.  Now stand on one of the hands and wait for the second hand to 
come round.  It will hit you off the hand you are on, and you will 
arrive in a room with a chest.  Before you can open it, you are 
attacked.  Simply use Demi magic, and Summons if you want.  They 
aren't hard at all, you can even Manipulate them.  You might wanna 
watch out for their Southern Cross attack though.  When you have 
beaten them, you'll get a Turbo Ether.  Get the Nail Bat from the 
chest and head out the door to the south.  You'll be back in the area 
with the vines and stairs, where the passageway is that you couldn't 
go through before.  Make your way back to the clock, and make the 
hands point to where you are and passage VI.  

You'll see another old man here, who will run away with the key to 
the door here.  You need to work out his route and catch him at an 
exit.  First of all, go to the bottom level and pick up the Work 
Glove in the chest.  When you have caught the man, rest and save.  
Make you way back to the top and go through the door.  You'll meet 
Sephiroth and keep going right to see him again.  He'll talk about 
becoming one with the Planet and Meteor.  Cloud will go freaky once 
again, and appear to have his own double.  After he comes to his 
senses you'll hear Sephiroth and be attacked...

-----Red Dragon-----

This dragon can be tough if you are at low levels, but start off by 
Hasting yourself, Slowing the dragon if you can and using Magic 
Barrier if you have it.  Use your best Summon materia, but not Demi 
magic.  Try to use Limit Breaks and phyiscal attacks.  Fire will heal 
this boss so don't use that.  You'll get a Dragon Armlet at the end.  

Pick up the Summon Bahamut materia, and equip it to someone.  Try to 
go out the door to find you're locked it, so go to the right and 
examine the yellow object here.  Choose whatever option, and 
eventually Cait Sith will ring on the PHS.  Choose whatever option 
and then leave the room.  Rest and save with the old guy, then go 
back to the clock room.  You can only go down passage XII, go up to 
the door and you will have to fight another boss......

-----Demon's Gate-----

Haste and Barrier yourself as this guy can inflict quite a lot of 
damage.  Use Bahamut summon as the others don't do much.  His attacks 
fill your Limit Bars quite quickly so use them whenever you have 
them.  Magic doesn't really work so stick to physical attacks.  
You'll win a Gigas Armlet.

Cait Sith will come out the door and talk to you.  He'll then go and 
take the Black Materia.  You'll find yourself outside the temple, 
where the stairs are.  Cloud will go down to collect the Black 
Materia.  Sephiroth will appear and force Cloud to give him the Black 
Materia.  Cloud will move towards Sephiroth, and you will control a 
kid Cloud.  You can talk to the adult Cloud, but it won't stop him.  
Afterwards, Cloud will attack Aeris, and Cait Sith No.2 shows up.  
You other party member will jump down and stop Cloud.  Cloud will 
have what I think is a dream, where Aeris will talk for a while.  
Sephiroth will appear and then you will wake up in Gongaga Town. 
You'll talk to Tifa and Barret a while, then go outside.  You'll now 
have them in your team, and Aeris will be gone, but her weapons, 
armlets, accessories and Materia are in the menu.  You can sell her 
weapons if you want.  When you are done, go out of Gongaga Town.

When you are on the World Map, you'll see the Tiny Bronco on a beach 
nearby (how it got there I don't know!!).  Board it and go to the 
northern continent, by going to the right side of the continent you 
are on and go through the river by Gold Saucer, then around the left 
side and to the north.  Enter the excavator's site (looks like a 
skull and ribs) that is in a forest.


Firstly, go up the ladder and into the forest at the north.  This is 
the forest in Cloud's dream.  Go north a screen and stand still in 
the middle (go north a bit).  You'll see a red materia appear every 
now and then.  When it appears, try to take it and you'll get the 
Summon Kjata materia.  Go back to the excavator's site, and talk to 
the man by the rib cage.  Pick the top option twice to start a dig 
for the Lunar Harp, which you will need to go through the forest.

Go to the upper ledge and place five diggers in a circle facing the 
smoke, to the southwest of the tent.  When you are done, ignite the 
bomb and place the dig point where the diggers are looking.  The next 
day, check the chest by the entrance and you should find the Lunar 
Harp.  If not, keep trying and replace the dig point.  If you have 
it, go into the forest and head north twice.  The Sleeping Forest 
will awaken and you can now to go north to a rocky area.  Go past the 
red coral and under the tree trunk to get the Water Ring in the 
chest.  Go back to the coral and go up the stairs to the left.  Go 
through the tree trunk and head north.  Go along the curving path and 
head southeast.  You'll be back on the World Map.  Head north and 
enter the round blue object.

--------1.27 - CITY OF THE ANCIENTS (FORGOTTEN CITY) [ANC2]----------

Go north and take the left path.  Go up the path and left into the 
stone building.  There is a Save Point here and a Magic Source in the 
chest.  Leave the building and go east across the bridge.  Go down 
the stairs and right under the arches to get the Aurora Armlet in the 
chest.  Now return to the crossroads and go up the middle path.  Keep 
going north until you reach a spiky building.  Go left then right to 
enter it.  Go all the way up to get the Comet materia here.  Go all 
the way back to the crossroads and take the right path.  Go into the 
first shell house and up the ladder to get the Guard Source form the 
chest.  Now go north and right into the other shell house.  Get the 
Elixer from the chest on the bottom floor and go up the ladder.  
Approach the beds and choose to rest.  When Cloud wakes up, go along 
the beds and check behind the last one to pick up an Enemy Skills 
materia.  Go back to the middle path and go into the spiky building.  
The fish will have gone, so go down the stairs here.  Go down the 
long set of stairs.  Go left out of the building and save at the Save 
Point.  Equip Earth, Titan, Comet, Kjata and Bahamut materia, as well 
as anything else good.  Head down the stairs and across the pillars 
to get to Aeris.  Walk towards her and talk to her.  Cloud will draw 
his sword and talk to her again.  Press O three times.  Watch the 
very cool FMV where Sephiroth appears.  Cloud will get all sad at 
Aeris's death and then Sephiroth will summon another Jenova for you 
to fight to Aeris's music (awwwww)...

-----Jenova LIFE-----

Use Earth, Titan, Comet, Kjata and Bahamut as they work particularly 
well against this boss.  Physical attacks do quite a bit of damage.  
But be careful as Jenova has a nasty attack called Aqua Lung, which 
does about 1,500 HP of damage, but do try to stay alive as it is a 
good enemy skill to learn.  Make use of your Cure/All materia.  Also 
Haste and Barrier are a good idea as well.  You'll win a Wizard 

Watch as your party say goodbye to Aeris, then the FMV, and Cloud 
talks for a bit and you can choose to save your game.  And hey, 
that's it, Disc 1, done!!